Boba Fett Stars in Trailer for Clone Wars Season Finale

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Premiering at WonderCon, this trailer is the first to truly see Young Boba Fett in action for his debut in the Clone Wars animated series.

On April 23, tune in to the Cartoon Network to watch — and the Boba Fett Fan Club to discuss.

See our previous post for more about the announcement and relevant publicity stills.


(via io9, Pop Culture Zoo, Big Shiny Robot)

Updated April 7, 2010: There’s also a single teaser trailer featuring Young Boba Fett:


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  2. fish eye no miko says:

    Go, Li'l Boba go!
    Between this and seeing the first "Doctor Who" episode with the new guy, it's been a really awesome day. (-:

  3. James Clarke says:


  4. Sharra Fett says:

    This is awesome !! It will probably be the best Clone Wars episode yet (if ever).

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    @Sharra Fett: Boba's actually gonna be in three episodes (two of which are airing the same night, on April 30th).

  6. IG-88 says:

    Gah i really cant stand the clone wars cartoons.

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