Celebration Europe 2016: Day 3

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The final day in London left us with less than a handful of notable Boba Fett moments — which is to be expected. Here is our recap of what we saw and heard from fans who were there:

  • Empire Magazine did a Q&A with Daniel Logan, which they live-streamed on Facebook. You can also find some fun pictures on Twitter.
  • Alan Harris, who also portrayed Bossk in addition to modeling with the prototype Boba Fett costume, had a nice picture taken of him with a Bossk cosplayer, @Ant_79 on Twitter
  • At SWCE, @jnewt14 on Twitter snapped a picture of Pikachu Fett, a mash-up costume blending the two characters.
  • @andycook01 on Twitter had a great picture with a “Empire” Boba Fett cosplayer.
  • @SamHModel on Twitter found a “Jedi” Boba Fett and took a nice picture with him in her Rey outfit.

The highlight of today was the official confirmation of the actor for the Han Solo “story” film, which was unofficially confirmed way back in May. No other Boba Fett news.

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