Spotted: New Play Arts Kai Boba Fett

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Spotted by the Boba Fett Fan Club this morning on Instagram, here are newly released promotional photos of the Play Arts Kai (Square Enix) Boba Fett.

It’s made of PVC, comes fully painted, and is about 6″ (150mm) wide, 10.25″ (260mm) tall, and has a depth of 3.5″ (90mm). It retails for $100 (12,000 Yen) and is scheduled for a July release.

How can you get this one?

Most international shipping uses FedEx. Many of these vendors, but not all, process payments with PayPal, which generally handles currency conversion. We’ve normalized all prices to American Dollars, since most of our readership uses dollars.

Helmet nod to hobby shop AmiAmi who posted the photos, and to ncurablekollector (Instageam) for the post that caught our eye this morning.

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  1. must have for the collection.

    1. BFFC Aaron says:

      Good call, Mark “Boba Fett” Austin!

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