Where to Get the Kaiyodo Revo (Revoltech) Boba Fett

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Due to be released May 23, 2015, the new Revo (Revoltech) Boba Fett made by Kaiyodo is turning heads left and right. He’s got his “Empire” colors, more than twenty points of articulation, two blasters, several interchangeable hands, and even a figure stand.

It retails for 5400 Yen in Japan, but some vendors are charging more or less right now.

Here’s our curated punch-list of where and for how much you can get the figure.

Most international shipping uses FedEx. Many of these vendors, but not all, process payments with PayPal, which generally handles currency conversion. We’ve normalized all prices to American Dollars, since most of our readership uses dollars.

If you find one (or more), let us know where in the comments to help out other Fett fans.

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