Play Ball as Boba

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Two of several new releases that are part of the Drew Pearson’s Saga Collection will be featuring good ol’ Boba Fett and his new team, Assassins.

Sporting the number “eighty (80),” you can now run out onto the field or court featuring Fett’s name, number, and team colors.

The Drew Pearson’s Saga Collection has released several new sports jerseys to Two of which feature the Fett name on the back.

His Football Jersey sports the number “80” with yellow stitching and Fett’s name on the back in cotton panel with tackle twill letters. The sleeves contain two heavy cotton cut and sew white stripes as well as heavy cotton cut and sew elbow pads.”

While you can run out onto the court with his Assassins Basketball Jersey which is “sporting a cool gray outlined by yellow number “80” in tackle twill with stain stitch and Fett’s name on the back in tackle twill. The jersey includes yellow ribbing trim and metallic silver side panels with Boba Fett icon screen prints. The front of the jersey includes the team name Assassins in tackle twill with the number “80” and a Star Wars logo Saga Collection woven label.”

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    Way Cool!

  2. Trev says:

    That’s awesome! I am going to get one! SWEET!!!!!
    That is all.

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