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Last month we learned Boba Fett would be included in “From A Certain Point of View,” a book celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. They’re counting the bounty hunter’s Special Edition addition at Docking Bay 94 to the first film in 1997. The new story is called “Added Muscle,” written by Paul Dini.

While it can be implied that all stories released by Disney are canon (see our guide for more about this specific to Fett’s canon fate), Lucasfilm Story Group’s Pablo Hidalgo unofficially responded to fans asking if the book’s stories are canon. He replied, “Some are. Some aren’t. Some might be. Some might not be.” He later followed up: “[T]he whole ‘point of view’ by design is meant to be ambiguous.” He also noted he hadn’t yet read the Fett story.

Speaking of canon, if this story is even canon, it does three notable things: 1) it explains why Vader says “no disintegrations” in The Empire Strikes Back, 2) it suggests Boba doesn’t know Huttese (even though Jango speaks it to him in Attack of the Clones (so is he just rusty?), and 3) it may contradict the timeline of his meeting with Darth Vader in the new Marvel comic, which takes place between Episode 4 and 5. (Thanks to Mark M. on our Facebook page for bring up that last point.)

Now that the book is out today, what do fans think?

  • “My 100% honest opinion of it is: Thanks, I hate it. Throwing aside the horrible characterization, some of the things are extremely questionable, such as him not knowing Huttese. Which is honestly one of the most important languages for him to know after Basic. The only good part of it is, at least in my opinion, the restatement that he is a clone. Restatement is not the best word there but hopefully y’all know what I mean. But that wasn’t enough to redeem the story to me. I’d like a good story about Boba now, Lucasfilm.” — @youaristocat
  • “I gravitated to #BobaFett as a child because I had a torturous time in elementary school. Specifically, 3rd-5th grades. I was the only nerdy kid in a class of 30. All the other kids played sports outside. I just wanted to sit inside and read my Star Wars books. Kids are cruel. They would go into my bag, take my books, and throw them in the garbage. They’d laugh and tease. I cried a lot those days. I always thought Boba Fett had a really cool helmet. Plus, he had a fearsome reputation. Darth Vader gave him a warning! He caught Han Solo! I daydreamed that Boba Fett would come to my school one day and put my bullies in carbonite. Take them away forever, and give me peace. Every Star Wars Legends Boba Fett story portrayed him as a kind of antihero, and that was something I have ALWAYS gravitated to. Always will. The idea that Boba Fett is now a cocky, rude bro… he’s exhibiting the same behavior I abhorred as a kid. It’s tough for me to swallow. That’s my honesty. Not every Boba Fett lover is some bro that doesn’t understand Star Wars. We all love what we love for different reasons.” — @VileZero

[Editor’s Note: Emphasis added.]

Additionally, here are some reviews based only on the USA Today exclusive excerpt and the publisher’s audiobook excerpt, featuring the voice of Jon Hamm. Note that the final short story is a little bit longer than the excerpt.

  • “I think I’ll stick with ‘Last Man Standing’ if that’s okay. This makes me sad.” — Klara Z.
  • “I’m a sucker for Paul Dini’s work. I don’t picture anything when I hear it though. I like Hamm’s voice but just don’t visualize him as Boba.” — @ASackFullOfJack
  • “Dini’s writing was fine, but Hamm’s narration wasn’t Fett. I just want to hear more about the incident on Coruscant now.” — @Phorusrhacid
  • “This characterization just… sucks. [I]t just feels wrong, too egotistical.” — Nick W
  • “I like Jon Hamm a lot but…no. This is wrong. The voice and dialogue both.” — @KennyEller4
  • “Dammit @Paul_Dini Boba Fett is Clint [Eastwood] not John Cusack.” — @jfett85
  • “John Hamm is a talented guy… but he isn’t Fett. Temuera Morrison should have been the first pick. And if nothing else Dee Bradley Baker should’ve been the next option. It sounds petty but I just cannot enjoy this with Hamm’s performance. It doesn’t work.” — John Wayne W.
  • “His performance is entertaining but I don’t hear Fett.” — Natti K.

What do you think? You can get the 400+ page hardcover and audiobook on Amazon, plus bookstores right now.

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  1. Eva Byzio says:

    The question of knowing Huttese maybe
    it’s easier for him not to. Like when
    someone not too attractive asks me on
    a date,I say ‘Sorry no speak Engliza
    Par FA VOR!? ? No seriously his character doesn’t speak much. Action over words.
    So he knows the language might be a bit
    rusty like BFFC says. Prefers not to
    speak it at any rate. I think overall
    this is a successful chronicle, will
    sell well and be appreciated in homes
    as a treasured #StarWars piece of history.

  2. Lifko says:

    Added Muscle was written as if Paul Dini had only seen Robot Chicken’s Star Wars spoofs. It feels like he is actually Seth Green trying to pull a fast one on us. If that story was supposed to be serious then it was short but terrible read and should be redacted with the likes of the Holiday Special.

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