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For the regular visitors, The Boba Fett Fan Club is undergoing a new maintenance system.

Updates will resume soon but the site will return to normal after Thanksgiving weekend.

For new visitors, welcome and be prepared for the relaunch of a legendary site. Since 1996, this has been an archive for the most popular Star Wars character on the internet. Thank you for visiting and please return in the next few days.

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  1. Matthew Suarez says:

    i cant wait for it to open back up and see wuts new

  2. Stenro says:

    Finally off hiatus!? A dream come true --hope your not running a windows 2000 server...heh..heh...iiiiiiii meeeeeean ?

  3. Alex says:

    I cant wait for it to open up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They havent had anything new for months now!

  4. swfreak says:

    Ooohw Yeah! Finally of hiatus. Can't wait for to be back, alive and kickin.
    Go Aaron!

    -swfreak, from the messageboards

  5. therealfett says:

    saweeeeet, site comin back up!

  6. Steven Woolley says:

    When is it going to open? I'm anxious to see the new site.

  7. Alexander says:

    I hope you have lots of things about Boba Fett he is my favorite character. I also think you should put a few things about Jango Fett on. I have all the movies that have came out. For advice you should probaly put on that he was cloned on Kamino and eaten by the great pit in the dune sea. I have been told by a friend that he lived though. He said that he learned it in a book. I also have a game about Jango Fett. It is alought of fun. Well good luck and I will be back when it's out and on the internet for sure.

  8. RW says:

    Where can we send emails to the staff here?

  9. bobafettucine says:

    Finally! You go aaron, we all can't wait for the site to be back up! :)

  10. The God of Fett says:

    I've read that boba fett was slain when the empire attacked the Mandalore planet, but a man (whose name has just escaped my thought) and replaced him. If any others have heard this story and possibly know the name of the man of whom i speak would you please email me at:
    May the Force be with you

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