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In the late-1990s, this web site was called the Boba Fett Multimedia Vault, featuring The Boba Fett Fan Club as the community-centric half of the site. Embracing the humanness and creative ideas, this site continues to celebrate Boba Fett’s appearances, acknowledge copyrights and owners and present it all in the best spotlight available.

Renewed Emphasis on Fans

Boba Fett is a very visual character. There’s a lot of detail and room for the imagination to contribute. Fans are inspired to make films, write stories, compose music, but most significant is the amount of images — often high-quality — surrounding the once mysterious bounty hunter.

New Galleries for Both

Our new image galleries hope to be a trusted source for reference, appreciation and community. We’re serious about fair use rights and will respond immediately to copyright concerns. Here, you won’t see high-res duplicates of anything, but instead high-quality impressions of the many on- and off-screen images of Boba Fett since 1978.

After several months of fans beta testing, we begin with 394 files in 40 albums and 9 categories with 114 comments viewed 4305 times.

  • Bounty
    • Books
    • Apparel
    • Media
    • Print
    • Toys
    • Unique
  • Bounty – Magazines
    • Collecting
    • Sci-Fi
    • Official Fan Club
  • Stills
    • Star Wars Holiday Special
    • The Empire Strikes Back
    • Return of the Jedi
    • Special Editions
    • Attack of the Clones
    • Behind the Scenes
    • Droids
    • Other
  • Art
    • Painting
    • Drawing
    • Sculpture
    • 3D
    • Collage
    • Mixed Media
    • Official – Conceptual
    • Digital
    • Photography
    • Official – Advertising
    • Icons/Avatars
  • Art – Featured
    • Last Man Standing by Mitch Brown
    • James Cukr
    • Dengar’s Tale by Jesse Moore
  • Comics
    • Agent of Doom
    • Classic Star Wars #9
    • Dark Empire I and II
    • Marvel Star Wars #69
    • Twin Engines of Destruction
    • Marvel Star Wars #68
  • Community
  • Community – Fans
    • Costumes

Fan Uploads

  1. Login to the message boards.
  2. Visit the image galleries.
  3. Click “Upload File” from the left navigation.
  4. Review the directions, select “Browse…” to find the image on your computer and press “Continue” at the bottom.
  5. If so far so good, you will see a “Successful Upload” message. Press “Continue.”
  6. Fill out the following required fields and press “Continue” to finish your contribution:
    Required: select the best “Album” from the drop-down menu. (Moderators will help out at this point, just like moving topics to the right forum on the message boards.)
    Required: give it a quality title. “Boba Fett” is not good. “Boba Fett painting by Dave Dorman” is good.
    Optional: add a description, such as the year, artist, original source, etc.
    Optional: consider adding keywords to make the image easier to find by search.

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  1. Corran "Dave" Fett says:

    Nice job, cool to see it’s finally done. :D

    And it’s awesome to see cujo’s and my comic up there. But I’d rather you use “One of those Days – by cujo and Corran_Fett”, since only few will know our first names, and without second names, it’s kinda odd.

  2. aaron says:

    Thanks! It’s been a long process.

    No problem about the album name change. Here you go:

  3. Corran "Dave" Fett says:

    Thanks for changing that. Another little thing, though… I don’t think it makes that much sense posting both parts at once. I thought you’d show one page per week, then perhaps a week pause and then continue with the second part.

    But anyway, that’s just my thoughts, if it’s too much work for you, it’ll work this way, too.

  4. Corran "Dave" Fett says:

    Oh, and I reaally like that you removed the “sidebar” with the options and put it to the top. Looks much more tidy now. :D

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