Headlines: Dragon*Con Fetts, Transformers’ Starscream and $500 helmet

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Dragon*Con Fetts

Photos on Flickr:

Boba Fett reference in Amanda Bynes’ new film, Sydney White?

From Duke University’s college newspaper:

The seven dorks take the center stage in all their role-playing, Boba Fett-worshiping glory. From mega-allergetic Lenny to angsty blogger Gurkin, the seven members of outcast-living hovel, the Vortex, are endearing in their cult passions and comical in their gawky statures. And though Sydney’s prepubescent boy hobbies add to the mix of geek tribute, it’s this troop of bungling brains that make the film worth its five hundred calories of feel-good fluff.

$500 helmet

Master Replicas has a wearable Boba Fett helmet — ready for you by next Halloween starting this November 2007 — runs for half a grand.

Starscream, the “Boba Fett” Transformer?

From IESB.net:

Q: Out of the secondary characters in this film, who do you think is going to be like Boba-Fett, the breakout character?

Murphy: I mean, character wise I think that Starscream is probably the most bad ass villain next to Megatron. … [B]ecause it’s everyone’s favorite Autobot after Optimus, I’m hoping that Bumblebee ends up with that because Bumblebee has the most screen time of any of the characters because he ends up being the one who communicates directly with a human first.

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  1. Corran "Dave" Fett says:

    Nice news, although I’ve seen most of the Mando photos on flickr already.

    Anyway, just another tidbit to improve: the text color in the “quotes” is too bright to read on the already bright background. Just pick a darker shade of grey and we won’t need to wear glasses in a few years, due to your news posts. :P


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