New Feature: Improved Polling

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Adding to the arsenal in the approach to our tenth anniversary, The Boba Fett Fan Club has some nifty polls going up that are a few lightyears ahead.

Do you think that Boba Fett will be in a TV cartoon in 2007? – Vote Now on the Home Page

Would you pay $2 for a Boba Fett ringtone or graphic for your cell phone? – Vote Now on the Humor Page

As some of the volunteers here at BFFC know, there’s a lot more to come besides just polls, including that fan fiction library everyone missed in a recent news post. ;-)


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  1. Kel Solaar says:

    I would gladly pay $2 for a ringtong or wallpaper for my cell. The only thing is, I’d have to pay $4 for both =( The price could come down a little but either way I’d pay…

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