Ever Changing Fett

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Our story of Boba Fett is ever changing, most of these changes made by Episode II.

Whoever would have thought that Boba was a clone? It was in our very loved EU, loved for reasons I do not have to mention here, that Boba oversaw the building of his ship, Slave I, by KDY. And his "brothers" are the stormtroopers of various sizes and voices. We once thought Boba in his past life was Jaster Mereel. Now it turns out Jaster was an old Mandalorian warrior, the mentor of his "father" Jango.

So as the face and what we know and think of Fett ever changes, what changes shall he bring us in Episode III? Time will tell.

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  1. Jango Fett says:

    Well, I'm sorry to say that, but in spite of all what Lucas and McCallum had said a few months ago, Boba Fett won't be in Episode 3. The shooting is now complete and McCalum recently said that Daniel Logan had no scenes at all, which of course can also mean his scenes will be shot during the filming of additional scenes, but at this very moment, Boba won't be in Episode 3. And yes, I know McCallum had sais we "were going to understand why Boba wants to destruct any member of the Skywalker Family in Episode 3", I know Lucas had said "Boba in Episode 3 won't wear his armor because he will still be too young", but what I say here is based on what was RECENTLY said by the producer.

  2. Danny says:

    Aye, but is it not possible it was filmed beforehand? Parts of Ep. II were filmed during Ep. I for example. Or it could be some teaser...but this is just a Fett fan keeping his hoped up. Lol.

  3. Jango Fett says:

    Well, I'm not sure won't EVER be in Episode 3, the additional scenes have not been filmed yet, but I don't think Daniel Logan was filmed for his Ep3 scenes during the filming of Ep2. Where woul it have been ? Geonosis ? Kamino ? I don't think we'll see Boba on these planets again. A new planet ? It would have cost a lot of money to create new sets just for Boba. And another important thing : Boba is only 10 in Ep2, and therefore he is to be about 13 in Ep3, and this is an age where you grow and change physically very quick, so I don't think scenes filmed during Ep2 could give him the appearance of a 13 year-old boy.

    I can only say that at this moment, there's no Daniel Logan in Ep3, there's no Daniel Logan in the Ep3 cast given on the official site, BUT there's still hope. Please, give us Boba again !!!

  4. Danny says:

    Sure they could. Its called the wonderful world of movie makeup. They could make him look like a 90 yr old migit if they wanted to.

  5. Jango Fett says:

    The only shot of Ep3 filmed during the shooting of Ep2 is the scene on Tatooine, which probably involves Obi-Wan, the twins, and the Lars family's homestead.
    Moreover, if as you say they had shot scenes with Boba from Ep3 during Ep2, I guess he wouldn't have been alone on stage, I mean, he surely interacts with other characters, which would have meant the creation of costumes for these characters (for they surely have not the sames in Ep2 and Ep3), and as I already mentioned, creation of sets ... Then why do it during Ep2 ? It would have cost too much extra-money just for some Boba Fett scenes.

    However, I do hope Boba will have an appearance, whatever it is.

  6. Danny says:

    Aye. He himself may not be in the movie, but his name could be brought up somewhere, or anything like that, or you see the Slave I in some backdrop...it could be anything. I would rather have it be more subtle like that, something that wouldnt even require Logan.

  7. Mike says:

    Im guessing that a hologram will be sent out to all corners of the universe stating that the Jedi have been declared as outlaws, and it will show a few different 'BOUNTY HUNTER HANGOUTS' watching this and we will see young Boba in the background of like Jabba's palace or something.

  8. Kait says:

    He should be in it and kill Mace Windu. Its what most great Fett fans want, but most likely he willn't. I'll be happy with whatever we get.

  9. Boba says:

    SPOILERS ALERT:General Grievous (the new villain) will have something to do with Boba Fett. Actually, Boba will not have a big role in Episode 3, but Grievous will have a significant role in Episode III

  10. Mandalorian Shock Trooper says:

    To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed when we found that Boba was a clone. I suppose Lucas wanted to appeal to children again. Boba Fett was hardly a child's story according to the Expanded Universe novels. To tell the truth, it would suit me just fine not seeing Daniel Logan's face ever again in the theaters.

    I wasn't too mad about the Jaster Mereel make up though. I like Mandalorians as much as Boba Fett. And I liked seeing the comic in Star Wars Bounty Hunter where they duked it out with the "Death Watch."

  11. mandy lore says:

    right now i don't know when ep3 takes place. if its ten years from ep2 then boba will be 20 and he will probley play some significant role and we can expect some serious jedi killing. If its derectly after or something around that then we won't see him playing an active role although behind the scenes he'll be doing some things important i his future as a bounty hunter. i kinda liked it more when he was a mandalorian. It just seemed more fitting and i had grown so used to the idea of him being a masked nomad warrior who had survived his kin's downfall at the hands of the jedi. I'm still so used to it that i just look at it as a matter of what you want to believe and what you think makes the most sense. I think Geogre was just trying to make his past more apealing with the little kids and forgot about his fans from the original movies. I also think they could have mad a better choice with who would be jango fett. I still don't think of Boba's face looking like that.

  12. vexx says:

    Screw all you. I think finding out boba was a clone was one of the best ideas Lucas has had. Finding out that his face is just like Jango's is cool. Besides EP3 is 3 years after EP2 so boba wont even be able to keep the armor on straight. I heard he has a tiny role in the movie but not Logan (thank god). And luckily for all you hopefull fett fans, Windu dies a slow and painful death, unfortunatelly not by Boba.

  13. mandy lore says:

    what are you talking about??? Boba? A clone? personally I don't know why geogre do this to us? But glad to hear mace dies painfully thats a plus. But a minus is based on vexxs report is BOBA DIDN'T KILL HIM! how could you geogre? you could have had some qaulity jedi saughter matirial. He knew we wanted him to make boba kill mace but nooooo... He had to make it three years after! Bobas thirteen! Hows he going to kill him like that? He doesn't this is rediculas geogre your killing us! we didn't want you to make him a clone the least you could do is make him kill windu to make up for it! MY GOD! But just so you know i still think he is jaster and there is nothing that will ever change that!!!

  14. whocares says:

    Stupid Empire Strikes Back Infinities....I don't care if it "never happened"...
    Fett rules when he keeps the helmet on. And when his jetpack don't kill him......

  15. danny says:

    Personally I think it would be stupied to have Boba kill Mace.

    Its appealing to the little kids to make him a clone kid, but its cool if it 12-13 year old kills a master Jedi? Sure, the Jedi are a buncha wimps, but it would overall make it even more childish.

  16. matt says:

    i thought it would be cool if fett wasn't really a clone and was zam's son as well...an unorginal twist...but a twist nonetheless...i just don't like the idea of fett being a clone

  17. Vall says:

    yeah, i was a bit disappionted when i found out that boba is a clone.i mean how boring is that? a clone. no family history, and he is supposed to look just like jango as an adult. only boba is alot thinner than jango. i was also kinda glad that zam isnt his mother cause she seems like a stuck up ~*#%#.

  18. Jur Vanner says:

    Clones. What a cop out. The Star Wars story belongs to all the fans, and we do a good job at filling in the blank spots. Boba Fett was just fine before Ep2. The fans did a great job at telling his story, and it was a hell of a lot more interesting when he was a his own entity, not a clone of somone else. The story of Jaster Mereel was real cool, and what was even better was that one really knew the whole story of Fett, just like in the star wars world. Boba Fett is the clone of no one. He is a ruthless ghost without a past, and Lucas should have kept it that way. Half of the fun about Fett is that no one really knew for sure his whole story.

  19. Lee Jung says:

    It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

  20. Boba's_Child says:

    Fett deserves to kill Windu. I think Fett should have an opportunity to seek revenge.

  21. Boba Fett Jedi Killer says:

    I was extremely pissed when i found out Boba Fett was a clone wtf was Lucas thinking was he on drugs when he wrote that god he really f'd up that time Jango Fett is a discrace i even got that game bounty hunter to check it out the story sucks Jango has this old beat piece of trash and he steals the slave 1 form a prison how gay is that Lucas should be slapped but he alreadys screwed up god im still so mad and he also f'd it up by not making boba kill mace omg Lucas you should be fired you Shoulda stuck to Boba's true past Lucas is an IDIOT!!!!! Im with alot of you Boba is jaster Mareel not some punk ass clone god boba doesnt even sound like Jango and why does every one like Greivous hes a pussy he fights obi-wan with four arms each armed with a light saber well if i had four arms i give ep2 and three four thumbs down well peace!

  22. Boba Fett Jedi Killer says:

    Another thing id like to say is that if lucas had stuck to the truth of bobas past ep2 would have been much better thye could of had Boba be working for Tyranaus and every thing o man that would have been so awesome *sighs* and what makes no sense is where the hell did jango get his silver armor from it had no mandalor symbols or anything and the standard mandolor amror was red and green with a grey jump suit and another thing is where does boba get his armor it makes no sense god Lucas reallt screwed up well lets hope Lucas gets some since knocked into him and give Boba a good role in ep 3 and not as a pussy child either

  23. Darth Fett says:

    I do not think Boba Fett will kill Mace, because he is just 14 in Episode III, he does not fit in his suit afterall. I don't know if Boba even will be in Episode III, it seems like he will not...If he WILL be, he will not have an important role. Boba would stand in the background and be mysterious. I, personally think that he should NOT be in Ep3, I would like him to be mentioned, and we could see his later suit, the green, mandalorian armor.Boba Fett is not Jaster Meerel . Now about the roles...

    EPISODE I: nothing.

    EPISODE II: Boba is Jango Fett's "son". Boba was an unaltered clone of Jango,Boba had no growth acceleration.

    Jango Fett fights Obi-Wan and escapes with Boba to Geonosis.

    He does not have a big role.

    Boba watches his father fighting the Jedi on the Arena in Geonosis.

    Jango Fett confronts Jedi Master Mace Windu, Mace deflects his shots and swiftly chops of the bounty hunters head. Boba is stunned and newly orphaned.

    When the Clones arrive and the battle continues outside the arena, Boba picks up Jango's helmet and is sad for his father's death.

    EPISODE III: Don't know yet

    EPISODE IV: Boba Fett just appears in his suit,standing aside Jabba the Hutt and confronts Han Solo.

    EPISODE V: Finally Boba has an important role.

    Boba Fett and other bounty hunters answers Darth Vader. Vader wants the Millennium Falcon.

    Boba Fett tracks down Han Solo to Cloud City. Boba arrives before Han and his group.

    Darth Vader and Boba Fett set a trap on Cloud City for Han and Luke Skywalker. They use Lando Calrissian.

    Boba Fett is Darth Vader's bodyguard.

    Darth Vader gives Boba Fett his prize, Han Solo in carbonite. Now Darth Vader waits for Luke to arrive.

    Boba Fett takes Han to his ship, Slave 1. Leia and her group attemt to rescue Han from the clutches of Boba Fett.

    Leia is to late and Boba takes off with Han and leaves Cloud City. Leia stands there helpless, watching the ship leave. Boba's job is done. Luke goes into the trap.

    EPISODE VI: Boba just is here to die...

    Boba Fett will appear sometimes, flirting with girls in Jabba's Palace.

    A chaotic battle starts over the dreaded Sarlacc. Boba enters the fray.

    Boba activates his Jetpack and lands in front of Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker on a skiff. Luke chops of Boba's blaster rifle in half, Boba sends a tow whipcord on Luke, a blaster cannon shoots near Boba's leg, Boba collapses, unconsious. Luke jumps over to another skiff.Boba raises up, shaking, he shoots two lasershots out of his metal-arm, then a blind Han Solo knocks Boba on his jetpack with a staff. Boba flies out of control and crashes into the sail barge, then tumbling into the maw of Sarlacc.

    A lamerable death for the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

  24. JAY says:

    I think that boba should never have been brought in to the clones! i liked the mystery! its been spoilt.
    and as for boba falling into that sand creature in episode 6...tut tut lucas....

  25. Gilmore Marc says:

    For every action there is an equal and opposite government program.

  26. Boba Fett says:

    As I do recall.. Boba Fett doesnt die...

    First of all for you super Boba Fett fan's... I must say.. you need to watch the movie carefully and closely..

    Boba Fett is SWALLOWED.. understand that word?

    Alright so listen up and listen good:

    Boba Fett is swallowed whole by the sand worm, in the future episode's they speak nothing of Boba Fett but they do add the Dark Jedi's along with Luke and Vader's clone's.

    After those episode's if are created Boba Fett live's, how you might say? Well it's actually quite simple people, he use's his jetmissile to blow open the sand worm's mouth and use's his jetpack to narrowly escape from the sand worm's stomache.

    Does this make sense to you? Why else would Luca' make him get swallowed, keep up with the fact's and dont forget every detail count's.

  27. Moebius says:

    Okay, lots of different opinions of what will or won't or could happen in ep.3. But!, much of it is still speculation, so here's what I think...
    I think that its still possible for Boba to have a good, if not prominent role in ep.3. At thirteen, there's nobody who could say how physically mature he will or won't be. I went to school with a kid who was 6'1" at age 13. So, really, who's to say that Boba can't fit Jango's armor by then? Maybe he could. His dad's death orphaned him, so he basically would have to fend for himself. Knowing that he is the clone of Jango means he is tough, and being independent in a rough galaxy at that age would definitely force him to hone his hunting skills early.
    Anyway, basically what I'm saying is that you should try to keep an open mind toward anything that isnt total bull, and hope that Lucas doesnt f%ck episode 3 up like he did to episode 2.

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