New Novel Teases E3

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Elizabeth Hand's fifth young Boba Fett novel is coming in April 2004 with a preview of what's to come in Episode 3.

Boba Fett #5 - A New Threat hit the online news circuit when it's description read the following:

On his first big assignment for Jabba the Hutt, Boba must confront a new galactic villain -- a sinister force who will play a significant role in the upcoming film Star Wars: Episode III!

Any speculation? Is it worth pre-ordering? Or is the hype dying out?

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  1. Jango Fett says:

    Do you mean any speculation about who this Episode 3 character is gonna be ? I do think this chracter is the General Grevious, the now infamous leader of the droid army that Obi-Wan will fight in Ep3 (if the spoilers are correct, but all the informations given by the Lucasfilm official team seem to confirm that).
    Is it worth pre-ordering ? I don't know but I think I'll wait until it is released to buy it, I think it's preferable to wait and get informations about it before buying. Moreover, despite all the love I have for Boba, the novels about his youth are not that good in my opinion.

  2. ~^*+. Fett .+*^~ says:

    I've read the series and can't wait for the 5th book to be out

  3. Boba Fett says:

    Jango dont u have some stuff to do like get your head chopped off???

  4. Vall says:

    Sounds pretty phony to me. I mean with a title like,"A New Threat?" Come on.

  5. FettWEAPON says:

    Finally! Sometime in April this one will be released! I've been waiting forever to read the latest installment of the 'Boba Fett' series! YES! YES! YES!

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