In 2011, we made and released a free PC game called Slave I: Shadow Hunters, all done by volunteers at the Boba Fett Fan Club. It is no longer in development and may not work on your PC, but still hosted here for archival purposes.

Download 1.5mb ZIP

To unzip, download WinZip Evaluation Version or search for a ZIP utility.


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Manual / Instructions


Follow the story as you gain and complete new missions.


Installing SLAVE 1 is simple. First download and run the BobaFett.exe file from this page.

You will be prompted to enter the path of the game. Remember this path for it will be your ally in updating the game. Enter a default path of C:\ if you don't have any specific place to copy the files to. Press OK and it will install directly onto your system. Create shortcuts as neccessary and run the game.


Mission: The goal of the game is built into a series of missions and levels. You advance as you build up your arsenal and win high priced bounties. You may choose to build up your Shield and Armor rating, or go for a more offensive punch buy purchasing the Laser Chaingun or Turbo Laser Batteries.

Game Structure: BobaFett Beta Version contains 6 sub-missions and is part of the Beta Version Mission Pack. If you fail a mission you can still do it over with a slight reduction to the price (not implemented), and hunting will probably be under harder circumstances. You collect credits through successes to build up your arsenal of destruction for aiding you on the next mission.

Main Menu: When you start BobaFett.exe you will see a 3 buttons labeled New, Select and Cancel respectively. Press the 'New' button, type in a new name and press OK to begin. Later on, the characters you make will be added to the Main Menu and you may select to continue where you left off with that character.

Missions Menu: Once you proceed to the Missions Menu, you shall see two lists. On the right side are the missions you've completed. On the left are missions being offered to you. Choose a Mission and press OK to begin that particular mission.

Upgrade/Systems Menu: You can select to see the statistics of your ship. You can see the details of each system, find out what areas of defense or offense is lacking, and find out how fit you are to perform in the next bounty.

Shop Menu: You can select to go to the nearest shipyard. There you can purchase several types of Weapon upgrades, shield modifications and other misc technology. You must accumulate sufficient credits before you can make your purchases.


Flying the Slave 1 can be more difficult than it appears to be. The ship goes quite fast so you'll need a good degree of finger dexturity to turn the ship around in quick pursuit.

Flight Modes: There are two types of flight modes in the Beta version. Only one flight mode will be adopted by the time the final release comes out. Use the 'SHIFT' Key to toggle between the flight modes.

Below are a list of Quick Commands:

FlightMode I
UP_ARROW - Speed Boost
DOWN_ARROW - Slow Down

FlightMode II
UP_ARROW - Forward Thrusters
DOWN_ARROW -Reverse Thrusters

Other Commands:
SPACE - Fire Currently selected Weapon
I - Ion Cannon
L - Laser Cannon
+ - Zoom in Radar
- - Zoom out Radar
V - inverse controls(Left = Right)
ESC - Exit Game


Top Center: Spacial Coordinates Display
Top Right: Hull, Shield and Power Status
Top Left: Radar, zoom in and out with + and -


The Environment that you will be flying in is mostly space, however, some missions allow you to fly around planet systems. As a general rule of thumb, comets, meteors and space debris can bring havoc to your ship (not implemented), but don't worry about crashing into other ships you'll just miss them by a few inches everytime. Beware of Stray Laser blasts or weapons firing from long range (i.e. long range planet based Ion Defense Systems like the one on Hoth).


The Currently Available Arsenal in the game are as follows:

Laser Cannon: Barrels range from 2, 4, 8. Damage ratings range from Standard, Heavy and Turbo.

Laser Chaingun: 2 barreled, highly experimental weapon. Inflicts average damage but at a firing rate four times as fast as the fastest Laser Cannon.

Ion Cannon: Use to disable ships and their systems. Just a few shots to a large ship can bring their engines to a halt. Barrels range from 2, 4, 8. Damage ratings range from Standard and Heavy.


Deflector Shield Generator: Uses the ship's energy to recharge. Strengths range from below average to superior.

Power Generator: Used to deliver energy to a ship's systems. Energy Storage ranges from 3000 to 5000. Recharge rates vary from 50 units/s to 400 units/s.

Sublight Drives: Different Max speeds and cruise speeds.

HyperDrives: None Available for upgrades yet.

Misc: Adds to efficiencies of how Sublights work, Shield arrays and Power generators. (not yet implemented)


Web Site:
Producers: Aaron Proctor, Marvin Gouw
Programming: Marvin Gouw
Story: Melinda "Smokey" McMahon

Special Thanks to the following artists at SciFi 3D:
Dr. Harry
Jose Gonzales Pareja
Al "chimera"
Jim Bassett
Maciek Skawinski
Don Showalter
Al Meerow
Harry Chang
Matt Walton
Roman 'Mad Dragon' Deniskin
Dan North

Additional Artwork: Marvin "The Mad" Gouw

Lead Alpha Testers:
Brian "BigglesWorth" Chang
John "Fatman" Chang
Phil "Makes Women" Kum
Curtis "Rabertis, banana fana Burtis" Wong
Chris "The Boss" Chun
Ikai "The Man" Lan
Steven "BallMaster" Zhao

Special Thanks:
Nick McSpoddin
Brian Siepert

Star Wars, Boba Fett, and all related characters, names and terminology are copyright Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. This game is UNOFFICIAL and UNAFFILIATED WITH LUCASARTS (gaming division of Lucasfilm). This fan-made program is public domain and open-source to encourage gamers to come together and share what they love about the Star Wars films. This game is for personal entertainment and it is not our intention to compete or take advantage of any profit that might come LucasArt's way.