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#3176: November 19, 2022

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ICYMI, #DinDjarin (with #Grogu) has now joined #BobaFett at Galaxy's Edge in #Disneyland

See more of Din in the longer video by FIVE FIRES / thecalibae:

Fun fact: an excerpt that we shared yesterday had 246k impressions on Twitter and 134k on Facebook

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#3130: October 4, 2022

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#BobaFett ears are now at Disneyland, after being announced at Star Wars Celebration

Video by themagicalmillennial_ (TikTok) who observed text on the top plus that the rangefinder detail is relatively heavy

#StarWars #DailyFett

#3105: September 9, 2022

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Yesterday at Disneyland's Black Spire Outpost, #TheBookOfBobaFett #BobaFett and a young fan: "The Mandalorian would be proud."

Video: Aaron Proctor (BFFC), with parent's permission

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#3095: August 30, 2022

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If you own/made one, what's your favorite #BobaFett helmet – version and maker?

Shown here is the 2021 "Re-Armored" version by Hasbro, impressively well-stocked at Disneyland this last weekend

Photo: Courtney Proctor (BFFC)

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#3005: June 1, 2022

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As of this last Saturday, #TheBookOfBobaFett #BobaFett and #FennecShand can be found at "Galaxy's Edge" at Disneyland Park in California

#StarWars #DailyFett


#2975: May 2, 2022

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Spotted at Star Trader, outside the Star Tours ride at Disneyland: the new "Power Force" #BobaFett Talking Action Figure

It's not sold online, but will surely end up second hand on eBay

Photos courtesy of BFFC member/contributor BobaFettTea

#BobaFettFanClub #DailyFett


#2819: November 27, 2021

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The new #TheBookOfBobaFett hoodie ($65) spotted at Disneyland's Star Traders really shows off the new blue and red highlights that are being added to #BobaFett's jetpack in the Disney+ show coming next month

Photos courtesy of paulsthemeparkadventures (IG)

#StarWars #DailyFett

#2792: October 31, 2021

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Spotted at Batuu West (Disneyland) at the Toydarian Toymaker marketplace for $17.99 in three styles: original trilogy bounty hunters, heroes, and villains

Video and info courtesy of BFFC member BobaFettTea

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#2628: May 20, 2021

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Now in addition to a new helmet and jetpack for kids, #BobaFett gauntlets (still sized for kids) have been given a re-paint at Disneyland

Spotted at Black Spire Outpost in the marketplace by the Ronto Roasters, this one is very similar to the 2017 version but with "Empire" colors instead of "Jedi"

Photos by BFFC member SarlaccAteMyArse

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#2445: November 18, 2020

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Wooden #BobaFett doll, "Holiday Special" variant Boba Fett plush, and the regular Boba Fett plush (previously seen at Toydarian Toymaker in the Galaxy's Edge land at Disneyland and Disney World), available for the last day outside of the California theme park which has been temporarily closed

It's unknown where these will appear next or if they're a limited edition to this three-day pop-up that's been inhabiting the old ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney in California

Photos and info courtesy of BFFC contributor Anakin and His Angel, who has more merch beyond just this photographed and discussed on her blog:

#StarWars #DailyFett

#2366: August 31, 2020

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Happy birthday to voice actor Dee Bradley Baker!

Dee did the voice of #BobaFett in Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016), Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015), Kinect Star Wars (2012), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (2010, shown here), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008), as well as Boba Fett in the Disneyland ride, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

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#2285: June 11, 2020

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#ThrowbackThursday: Which one is your favorite? Disney Parks in 2011 sure had a lot of Fett-worthy pins.

Clockwise from top center: Boba Fett coin medallion pin from the Star Tours lanyard starter set, Big Pete as Boba Fett quote pin, Star Tours C-3PO and Slave 1 quote pin, "He's No Good To Me Dead" quote pin, and Disneyland Paris Boba Fett pin.

See for much more.

#BobaFett #StarWars #BobaFettFanClub #DailyFett

#2190: March 8, 2020

#BobaFett fan Steebie_ (Twitter) brought Disneyland's Boba Fett a "bounty"

It's currently blowing up on Reddit:

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#2132: January 10, 2020

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Little Red as #BobaFett at Disneyland

All set with the "Galactic Eyewear" by Sun-Staches and Boba Bear by Build-A-Bear, too

See more at

#FettFriday #DailyFett

#2053: October 23, 2019

"My son just casually having a conversation with #BobaFett"

Video and caption by SelenaShawnee (Twitter) at Disneyland, where Boba now walks around outside from time to time

#StarWars #DailyFett

#1987: August 18, 2019

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#BobaFett's second shin tool, the survival knife, matches an item on Disneyland's Millennium Falcon ride

According to Fett costume expert Rafal Works, "this tool was created by using a slightly modified Patterson Film Agitator or Chemical Mixer, more exactly the handle was cut down near the grooved end. [T]he discarded handle was used on the Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 automatic blaster."

See more from Rafal at

Video: #BobaFettFanClub

#StarWars #DailyFett

#1986: August 17, 2019

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You can now find #BobaFett sometimes outside of Launch Bay at Disneyland in California

They feature this at Disney World in Florida but have previously kept Boba Fett indoors at Disneyland... until now

Video: Boba Fett Fan Club


#1765: January 8, 2019

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An official #BobaFett vanity plate from 2003

This art was also used on a Disneyland Resort t-shirt that same year

Photo courtesy of BFFC "Bounty" contributor Matthew Wright

#StarWars #BobaFettFanClub #DailyFett


#1207: June 29, 2017

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Daniel Logan (Young Boba Fett) meets #BobaFett at #Disneyland's Launch Bay

Photo: Boba Fett Fan Club

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#1149: May 2, 2017

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Disney's #StarWars Lanyard 4-Pin Starter Set includes #HanSolo and #BobaFett

Spotted earlier this year when we stopped by Disneyland for some R&R

More Boba Fett accessories can be found on BFFC's Bounty:

#DailyFett #PhotoOfTheDay #PicOfTheDay

#1082: February 24, 2017

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#FettFriday: We got a good look at the Slave I on display at "Launch Bay" in Disneyland Park (Anaheim, California)

There's also one of these at Walt Disney World Resort (Orlando, Florida).

Video by BFFC.

#StarWars #BobaFett #BobaFettFanClub


#832: June 19, 2016

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Happy Father's Day!

"Lil' #BobaFett and Daddy #JangoFett at Disneyland" by Dan Hipp

Now an art director at Warner Bros. Animation, Dan has more of his work at and

#StarWars #FanArt #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay


#806: May 24, 2016

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This new #BobaFett MagicBand for 2016 gives a fresh look to last year's character illustration and adds our favorite Mandalorian symbol to the back. This is at least the fourth MagicBand to feature Fett.

Rumor has it this one showed up on shelves for sale earlier this month, but didn't work at Walt Disney World Resort. In addition to being a bracelet, it's a HF Radio Frequency device and transmitter. (MagicBands currently don't work at Disneyland Resort.)

You can pick this one up at for $23. For more Boba Fett toys unique to Disney's parks and stores, see


#715: February 23, 2016

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#TriviaTuesday: Did you know #BobaFett at Disneyland's #StarWars Launch Bay speaks to you at the photo op?

Video by Inside the Magic. See for the whole clip.

Helmet nod to BFFC fan TheDisneyChef for the heads up.


#315: January 19, 2015

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#MandalorianMonday: In case you missed it at the #StarWars Half-Marathon Weekend, "Animal Fett" by deebo27 (Instagram), who captioned this, "get those medals to the cargo hold." This mash-up with the Muppets character plays off of an action figure that Hasbro released in 2012 featuring Animal as Boba Fett.

See deebo27 and many more who sported #BobaFett costumes and apparel on our article on the front of and permalinked at

#starwars5k #starwars10k #starwarshalf #bobafettfanclub


#116: July 4, 2014

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#FettFriday: Today, Disney has unveiled a new Vinylmation #StarWars 4 Series that's a mystery box of either an "Classic" #BobaFett ("Empire Strikes Back") or the "Concept" Boba Fett.

You can one (or the other) starting right now at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and also the Disney Store website via

The 3" figure retails for $25 and you can't request or tell which of the two variants is in the box, which is the gist of Vinylmation collectibles.

This is the 4th Vinylmation collectible to feature Boba Fett. See them all at