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Boba Fett Costume Guide

Making Boba Fett's Costume


Boba Fett's jet backpack (or jetpack) is considered a Mitrinomon Z-9.

Boba Fett's backpack consists of a missile, missile boost charge, missile launcher, missile targeting rangefinder, stablizing gyro, fuel tank, directional servo, activation button, and directional exhaust nozzles.

See this reference picture.

Boba Fett's jetpack has slight variations between appearances.

  • Pre-Production #1 and #2: teal, yellow, red and white
  • Empire: solid green
  • Jedi: teal, yellow, red and white
  • Jedi Special Edition: they used one of the damaged "stunt" jetpacks in the scene with Jabba's dancers
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Reference Photos of Boba Fett's Jetpack

Vendors To Consider



  • All parts available including jetpack (ESB, ROTJ or ROTJ:SE)

Molon Labe Studios

Molon Labe Studios

  • ROTJ Mitrinomon Z-6 Jetpack (approx. $575)

RS Prop Masters

RS Prop Masters

  • ROTJ Jetpack
  • "Z-6" Jetpack
  • Jetpack Beacon
  • Jetpack Stabilizer (approx. 35 British pounds)

NME Props

NME Props

  • Jetpack (ready to paint) (approx. $300 plus shipping)

Machinecraft Replicas

Machinecraft Replicas

  • Jetpack Beacon
  • Jetpack Thrusters
  • Jetpack Stabilizer
  • Jetpack Collar
  • Jetpack Exhaust Vents (with and without ears)
  • Borden Connector
  • Jetpack Side Greeblies


JC Fett suggests for "Empire" Boba Fett:

  • Jetpack has a two thrusters with rocket, light beacon and stabilizer. The jetpack consists of a main center "backpack" frame that attaches to the straps that come through the back plate of your armor, see ARMOR elements. The jetpack also has a grey nylon/canvas strap that goes around your waist and fastens with a divers belt to keep it in place on your back. The top of the jetpack has a rocket, which may feature an aluminum collar upgrade (dark-side / machinecraft replicas recommended) the thrusters have directional and end cap aluminum upgrade possibilities as well (dark-side / machinecraft replicas recommended) and the beacon sits on the top left shelf of the jetpack and has an LED blinking sequence and the stabilizer sits on the top right shelf of the jetpack and are available as aluminum upgrades (dark-side / machinecraft replicas recommended) when wearing the jetpack and standing straight, the rocket of the pack should be in as most of an upright position as possible and not appear as if it is falling over / down.

TK 7602 aka StormtrooperGuy.com suggests:

Flynn O'Connor suggests:

I have heard that Super Soaker has a backpack for one of it's larger guns. This can be converted to a jet pack by making the launcher out of tubes and Cardboard cones painted red... Also two Styrofoam balls with two cones coming out the bottom attached to the lower corners of each side will make a reasonable pack. It can be painted in much the same way as the armor.

I made mine from scratch, using cardboard boxes, a 2-liter bottle, and "odds and ends." Painted right, with the right amount of detail work, you can make just about anything look like it should.


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  • Colors for All Boba Fett Variants
  • Paint and Painting


  • Head
  • Neck Covering

Torso and Symbols

  • Chest, Shoulder and Back Armor
  • Jumpsuit
  • Flak Vest
  • Cape
  • Blaster Rifle and Sidearm
  • Gauntlets
  • Gloves
  • Wookiee Scalps

Lower Body

  • Pants
  • Ammo Belt, Girth Belt, Hip Pouches, and Sidearm Holster
  • Knee Armor and Darts
  • Codpiece and Kidney Armor
  • Tools
  • Boots


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