Looking for parts or the complete package? These craftspeople make it right.

Note: vendors are listed at our discretion and linking does not equal 100% endorsement. Vendors need a baseline of positive customers. If we observe a lot of complaints, we reserve the right to remove vendors.

Cosplay Costume Vendors

Craftspeople who consistently make and sell screen-accurate Fett costume parts. Sorted by most recently updated by BFFC moderators and/or the vendors themselves.

ClothearsSoft Parts4Apr. 2021
Lonewolf CustomsHelmets60Mar. 2021
Hellhounds PropsBlasters56Mar. 2021
RS Prop MastersFull Service21,560Feb. 2021
Lane Creative StudiosPainter21,100Dec. 2020
RafalFettSelf Service2412Nov. 2020
Wasted FettFull Service163,280Oct. 2020
Blaidon PropsPainter356Oct. 2020
Delta Leather WorksAccessories2996Oct. 2020
Machinecraft ReplicasAccessories11,112Oct. 2020
Man Of War StudiosAccessories51,677Oct. 2020
Far Away Creations (previously Imperial Outpost Armory)Full Service11,321Oct. 2020
Arkady DesignsSoft Parts81,949Oct. 2020
QuestDesignCanadaAccessories142Oct. 2020
Fandango FettAccessories609Sep. 2020
BobamakerFull Service31,784Sep. 2020
NME PropsHelmets2996Sep. 2020
T-Visor.comAccessories714Sep. 2020
FettronicsElectronics784Sep. 2020
BH-51512Electronics867Sep. 2020
Animefan (Fettpride Mold)Helmets963Sep. 2020
Fett4Real's 1313 StudiosPainter41,545Sep. 2020
SuperjediPainter41,198Sep. 2020