"I'm a bounty hunter's son." — Boba Fett, The Fight To Survive

Boba Fett Costume Guide

Here is your guide to making or buying a Boba Fett costume, complete with links to costuming clubs and forums, videos and tips from cosplayers, and much more.

Buying a Boba Fett Costume or Apparel

Not a fan of do-it-yourself? On a budget or timeline? You've got options.

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Costume Gallery

Check out over a hundred pictures of fan costumes, including some taken exclusively by BFFC.

Exclusive Video Interviews with Boba Fett Cosplayers

Josh Powers at Star Wars Celebration AnaheimBoba Joe Carrera at Star Wars Celebration AnaheimJC Fett at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Exclusive Interviews with Boba Fett Cosplayers