Insider Documents Every Fett

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Star Wars Insider #80 features a history of the Mandalorians, covering characters like Fenn and Tobbi all the way to Boba and Jango.

The Official Star Wars web site posted a preview recently. [Link no longer active.]

And, most important, Joe Corroney posted a large selection of his artwork for this Mandalorian special, online. [Link no longer active.]

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  1. Gutsman says:

    Nice cover artwork.

  2. thefettman says:

    Wow. Finally they document something boutm the mandalorians. thought that they only had one type of armour, but guess i was wrong. But those old armours r sad. a friggen spear. they have at least blasters in KOTOR but this? Oh well. I wonder if this means they r gonna hve a mandalorian databank in the star databank?

  3. anonymous says:

    I still can’t find that new vintage boba fett action figure…

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