Fools Fett Fans

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On April 1st, captured Star Wars and Fett fans nation-wide with its posting of an exclusive interview with George Lucas about “The Boba Fett Mystique”. However, upon watching the clip on their website, a video is shown that has nothing to do with an interview, or Boba Fett, or Star Wars in general. The fake insight into the Fett man’s mysteriousness played us all (and certainly this avid Fett fan) for fools.

We just received permission from the publicity handler for George Lucas to air this *!*!*!*exclusive*!*!*!* interview with the Star Wars creator about his new self-help audiobook and line of aromatherapy bath salts and sugar scrubs, “The Boba Fett Mystique.”

This product is co-branded by notoriously cocooned celebrity author JD Salinger. Behold, our power of videobloggage is mighty! It’s a special calendar day.

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  2. Mel says:

    This is why I never believe anything said on April Fool’s Day… :P

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