Valentine’s Day Guide

Updated for 2020!

Got a Boba Fett lover who’s worth a lot to you? Here are some seasonal things you might be interested in for your February 14th.

Official Valentine’s Day Boba Fett Items

Nothing new this year that we’ve spotted, but don’t worry. See below.

Still Fairly Easy To Track Down

Fifth Sun Boba Fett as Cupid T-Shirt
Fifth Sun | 2016

Star Wars 32 Valentines
Hallmark | 2016

Harder to Track Down

For 2015, Target has Valentine’s Day comic book mugs/cups. Some of the vintage artwork includes Boba Fett. They retail for $7.99. JediNews shared a photo and shared a photo (pictured here).

There’s a Star Wars Heart Tin of chocolates, which includes Boba Fett. Mike Mozart shared a photo (pictured here).

Free / Digital

In 2019, we made a sharable graphic from a Paper Magic Group collectible.

In 2018, Topps’ Star Wars Card Trader released a digital Boba Fett card with the phrase, “There’s a bounty on your heart.”

Also in 2018, we made a sharable graphic from an official Valentine’s Day card by FunkyPigeon.

In 2017, we made a sharable graphic from art via the official Star Wars account on Instagram made back in 2015.

In 2016, we made a sharable graphic from that year’s “32 Valentines” pack from Hallmark.


In 2014, had an e-card feature where you could send this digital artwork to someone for free. Artwork by Katie Cook.

Fan Made Valentine’s Day Boba Fett Items

Yoda and Boba Fett Star Wars Love Greeting Card by Natalie Bojorquez
Buy on Etsy

Card and prints by Timmy D. Matias
Buy on Society6

Gone, But Not Forgotten


This card by Kimberly Sterling is no longer available on Society6.


In 2015, PersonallyPrinting on Etsy had this card, but it’s no longer available.


Originally sold on Etsy, this card by sweetgeek is now out of print.

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