The Hollywood Reporter: Boba Fett Survives Sarlacc, To Be Played by Temuera Morrison in "The Mandalorian"

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In the early afternoon on Friday, May 8, The Hollywood Reporter dropped a story authored by two of their reporters, claiming without named sources or comment from Lucasfilm that Temuera Morrison would appear in the upcoming second season of “The Mandalorian.”

Furthermore, since the show takes place after Return of the Jedi and “after the stories of Boba and Jango Fett,” according to the official synopsis, they claim that Temuera is also playing Boba Fett. It’s unclear if there’s some guesswork here, like if Temuera has been cast as a different character instead.

If it’s in fact true that Boba Fett will be in the show, assuming it’s not a flashback, this would also mean that in the current canon, where he’s neither dead nor alive until a story “pulls him out,” Boba Fett survives the Sarlacc. In “legends,” he survived the Sarlacc multiple times, but not in the current official timeline.

It’s been long rumored that Boba Fett would be in “The Mandalorian.” Despite some close calls, he does not clearly appear in season one. No, he’s not in the background of the Mandalorian den and, while the Boba Fett musical cue plays during the walk-up to Ming-Na’s character, it’s not clear who that character actually is.

While generally the industry trade THR is accurate with their news, we should point out that in 2018 they claimed James Mangold was directing a Boba Fett film. The director himself debunked this as “gossip.”

We reached out for additional sources on this news and found one Star Wars fan site knew about Temuera Morrison being cast as early as January, but did not know the character he was playing. If true, this could very well mean that Temuera is playing some character in the show, but not necessarily Boba Fett. This second source adds merit to the casting news only.

Boba Fett is canonically 36 years old in “Return of the Jedi.” With “The Mandalorian” taking place years after “Jedi,” Tem would be close in age for an “older” Boba Fett, as he’s 59 but looks younger, whereas Daniel Logan is 32 and looks younger.

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  1. Allen graham says:

    Daniel is the real boba Fett from clone wars,he should be the one to get the part, mandolorians dont remove there helmits anyways so gust because he is younger should not matter.

  2. Paulo Alexandre says:

    Maybe Temuera will play Captain Rex (Ahsoka is confirmed… so…), but I really want to see him as Boba Fett.

  3. Jason Dwayne Ivey says:

    I would love it if Boba were to return but I am skeptical. It seems that people ran with the news to quick. In regards to “The Gunslinger” episode where the proof of it being Fett stems from, I think honestly that it could have easily been Moff Gideon, since she was working for him and he wears a cape. And, if Morrison is indeed a part of this new season then what about him playing Rex. He is both the right age and if that picture circulating is what he’s looking like, well, he looks like an older Rex from Rebels. Also, Ahsoka Tano and Rex are close to one another and likely traveling together. So, I would love if it were Fett but I hate to see people claiming it’s something that hasn’t been verified and then see them angry at Dave or Jon for not delivering on the rumor.

  4. Jedi Dave says:

    I love Daniel Logan, but Morrison is the best and most logical choice to play Boba if he returns.

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