"Fanboys" brings Fett back to theaters

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Here's a recap of recent press around the new Fanboys film with quotes that mention Boba Fett.

Can Mag interviews Dan Fogler, one of the fanboys:

Fogler actually found the basis for his character, Hutch, at one of these gatherings. "I come up to this guy and he had his back to me. I was like, 'Hey dude, what are you doing?' He was getting stuff from the smorgasbord and he was like, 'Aw, man, these guys, they're so nerdy with their storm trooper helmets. I can't believe they all brought their storm trooper helmets.' He turns around and he's got a Boba Fett helmet. 'Dorks.' I was like this guy is perfect. Somehow he was cooler because he had Boba Fett."

Decider (Austin, Texas) has an interview with Ernie Cline, screenwriter of Fanboys:

I was such a huge Star Wars fan that I even watched The Ewoks cartoon, just on the off chance that a blaster pistol or a spaceship would show up, or there was a cameo by Boba Fett. But yeah, I recognize that it's Star Wars stripped of everything that's cool about Star Wars. C'mon, it's dwarves in fur suits walking around a forest. Wookiees would have been cooler.


I loved the holiday special. That was before we had a VCR, so it was just that one time I got to see it, and it lived on in my memory. And of course, that was the first time I got to see Boba Fett, which I think is the one redeeming element, but then you've also got Jefferson Starship, and Chewbaccaa's dad hooked up to that groovy, virtual-reality sex machine. I love it. When we shot Fanboys, I made bootleg DVDs of it and gave it to all the cast members.


Yes, the big dance number, with Boba Fett rockin' out in the background, hitting on chicks.

Sci Fi Wire talked with Kyle Newman, director of Fanboys:

"There were one or two things they wouldn't let us use, like the holiday special; we threw it in there underneath, like, 'Boba Fett Burger King cup, holiday special,' and they were like 'No.' But I just think they wanted to know that we were genuine fans who weren't going to take this stuff and rip apart Star Wars or make fun of Episode I."

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