Is Boba Fett in Episode 3?

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Speculation is on the rise as the momentum grows and yet no news has surfaced at all about an appearance in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, no matter how brief. The trailer for the final Star Wars film is set to appear with films this November.

Send us your thoughts and speculation, along with any news you find, and we’ll publish them as they come in an upcoming feature.

[UPDATED 5/5/05: BOBA FETT IN EPISODE 3! / According to the Boston Herald, dated May 5th, Boba Fett appears in cameo in Revenge of the Sith. You’ve heard it here, Boba Fett fans – spread the word.]

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  1. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    let’s not forget McCallum had said Boba would be in Revenge of the Sith when he had said we were to understand his motivations as a bounty hunter in Ep2 and especially in Ep3 …
    But since he said that, I don’t see why they still haven’t confirmed his presence in the upcoming movie. Perhaps Lucas’ mind has changed…
    Anyway, I wouldn’t be bothered if Boba was not in Revenge of the Sith. Boba was seen enough in the films and I’m afraid “too much Boba” would kill Boba if you know what I mean …
    I love him, but I think he has been used as a toy in the last movies (Ep2 and ANH special edition) just to please the fans… He sometimes appears as a tool to decorate this and that with no means at all… It’s disappointing. Boba has not to be seen much, this is what makes his force, he’s mysterious, let’s keep him mysterious.

  2. danny says:

    I can definently see how Boba has been used as a marketing tool in AotC.

    Perhaps he wont be in RotS at all, or maybe its something they are keeping under-wraps…

    Or perhaps his part is so small and insignificant that its nothing for them to really talk about.

  3. therealmccoy says:

    much better =P lol

  4. Jamari Lawson says:

    Mandalorian Wrath is absolutely correct. They use Boba as a marketing tool all of the time. In the SHadows of the Empire book, they had him on the cover and yet he wasnt a big part of the book at all.

  5. Monke boy says:

    I agree less is more. At least when we imagine the back story in your mind it cant be cocked up (Australian Accent anyone).

  6. Fett Groupie says:

    Hopefully Lucas has finally realized what a massive thing he created when he made Fett… Like many cases in Star wars, five seconds of screen time and you already have a cult. Althought he doesn’t understand the facination, he does understand that Fett is very well liked by MANY people. Fett also plays a fairly large role in the movies… He should be in Ep3.. and atleast we have the reasurance he won’t die in this one ;)

  7. Tom says:

    I would love to see Boba in Ep3 but only briefly. He should fly in on slave 1, blast up the Jedi temple then “disintegrate” Windu! Let’s ave it. (but he has to be in the suit!)

  8. Raymond says:

    Found this interesting link on google the other day when i was serching for Mandalorian related topics. Anyone know what this is about. No one on this home page will answer my emails.


  9. Raymond says:

    oops here it is

  10. Matt says:

    I think it would be entertaining if we had Boba Fett in the eIII movie

  11. Jamari Lawson says:

    Less is more, yes, but Boba will only be getting a couple minutes of screentime. Lucas still needs to show what became of the little boy who held up his father’s helmet because AOTC doesnt say.

  12. kyle says:

    according to the book, star wars boba fett a new threat, jabba sends boba to assasinate wat tambor.
    there’s a big battle between the forces. It’s the last one before the movie so he faces general grevious. he gets creamed and theres a continue in the book. so in the introduction of star wars the third movie maybe it mentions the battle of xabogah.

  13. TheFettMan(Ben) says:

    He damn well better be in EP3 because he has been in every flippin’ movie except ep.1.(Includig the special edition,thatis,)Didn’t u guys see Daniel Logan in that fan-made Boba Fett armour? He fits perfectly!(his pose is remarkable)

  14. Joba(Boba's twin) says:

    I hope Boba is in EP 3! I played almost every starwars game (starting right now StarWars galexies) and i am trying to make my self a Boba fett in every way!

  15. John Paul says:

    Okay, here’s a completely off the wall theory, but it works…after episode 2, boba fett takes the head of his father and creates a robotic body for jango that will release its revenge upon the jedi for his death. So, at the end of episode 3, it is revealed that jango is actually general greivous when unmasked. (Notice how the skull symbol on boba fett’s shoulder looks a lot like greivous’ mask?). This then allows Boba Fett to take part in designing DarthVader’s armor, and helping to destroy the galaxy of the jedi (it’s long been rumored that Boba Fett helps to destroy the jedi…maybe this is how) Anyway, this would be a nice surprise for fans if the armored Fett showed up at the end with Vader and the Emperor. Hell, they knew Dooku…soit wouldn’t be far-fetched. Or would it?

  16. Max says:

    he is in episode three i read somthig on it on a yahoo. it said he kills alot of jedi

  17. Bounty Hunter says:

    Boba better make an appearance in episodeIII. Although his entire character is supposed to be mysterious. They gave way too much away in episodeII. It would be nice if he avenged Jango and killed Mace.

  18. FettsVette says:

    I think Boba should be RotS. Not for long but just a glimpse would be friggin’ sweet! From info I’ve gotten he won’t be but nothing is confermed. However, I know he won’t kill Mace. That’s someone else’s job. Also in a one-on-one battle with Windu I don’t think Fett could win. Sure he’s pissed but still. He’s a teen bounty hunter against one of the greatest Jedi ever. I just think we should see him in Slave 1 one good time doing something. Even if it is just eating!

  19. nick says:

    boba fett should and probably will be in epIII. Common Darth comments on not using disintegration in ep V. Kill windu boba! Also, is anyone as pissed as I am about lucsas’s portrayal of such a kick ass bounty hunter. I mean he was a KID in epII. I say minus kuddos to lucas for that move. I saw original sketches of that scene and all the artists wanted the original boba fett (not jango) to have a showdown with obi wan.

  20. the_airborne_redhat says:

    you people are geeks. for real. i mean i dig star wars and all, but shit. get lives.

  21. FettsVette says:

    Someone is jealous. But as I said before though. Whether Boba is or isn’t in episode III I’m not entirely sure, but I know he won’t kill Mace. Anakin does that which adds to his fall to the Dark Side.

  22. thnikkaman24z says:

    this is a comment for mandolorion wath. what are you talking about we barely see any boba. he gets such a short part its rediculous. he fires his gun twice he gets like 4 lines. he uses his jet pack for like 4 seconds. and he barely fights. such a small part for such a big character

  23. bats says:

    Do you mean there will a VERY short show,of
    BoBa Fett?,I have been on my toes,on the
    thoughts of seeing more of BoBa Fett,,does this
    mean we will have to WAIT till the next Star Wars.

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