Boston Herald: Boba Fett or Jeremy Bulloch?

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We may know Jeremy Bulloch as Boba Fett, but in the world of journalism, does an actor keep the character title after so many years without a clarification?

There is mounting concern that, despite the announcement that in another publication, “Boba Fett (has a) cameo,” that what the rest of us know as Boba Fett the character may be absent from Revenge of the Sith.

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  1. Xu says:

    .. yeah.. really hope to see Boba Fett in episode 3.. even it’s just cameo, slightly appear.. it’s ok.

  2. matt says:

    let me start off by saying that i am a HUGE boba fett fan…i have been collecting memorabilia for years and i have the mandalorian insignia tattooed on my left shoulder where fett has it on his armour…but…i don’t want to see fett in the new movie…i didn’t like him portrayed by daniel logan and the fact that he is a clone is pretty fricken lame

  3. ben says:

    let me start off by saying u,matt, r a wussy! if ure really a fett fan, u’d want him to be on the new movie! im a HUGE fett fan too, n although i dunt hve enough money to buy all his memorabillias n figures, i did n do want him to be in ep.3.
    n, being a clone is nothin lame! its like being a superhuman, n being cooler n better than the original host, jango fett.(no offense to him, but he’s dead.)although i cant say i like his new voice in the star wars dvds…but oh well.he’s still da best of the best. he’s unkillable.No offense, matt

  4. Loki the Stampede says:

    Hmmm… That was my fear. He might be him becuase they were talking about OLD actors who are returning.

    And, ben, I think we all want Boba in the new film, but that doesn’t mean he is going to be in it. I have wanted to be Boba from the moment of 3 when I saw him (I am 17 now). So ease off this, matt, ok?

    Loki the Stampede

  5. Loki the Stampede says:

    Oh, and I would like to add in, that I disagree with this, matt though…

  6. ben says:

    im juss sayin…

  7. War-Bearer says:

    So Lucas does hate Boba Fett since his new movies are aimed at the children

  8. Mariah says:

    I’d like to quote ben…”he’s unkillable”…

    I have a problem with that statement…regardless of what happened in the books, he dies in the movies…so un-killable (forget the grammar on that one, folks) is not quite right.

    juss sayin…

  9. ben says:

    U CAN ALL STOP CRITCIZING ME NOW! I know wht i said. n dunt use my words against ME please! im juss sayin tht as a metaphor. (also literall in this case) u cant kill of boba fett in a book, comic, magazine, or movie! he’s like the center of attention from most star wars fan! so….yah

  10. Pedro says:


  11. Loki the Stampede says:

    HaHa! Seriously Ben, I saw the movie already and I am afriad to tell you all…

    …He is not in it… Sorry, I am pissed too!

  12. ben says:

    y’all dunt get me. wht i meant by the center of attention is tht most star wars fans, when they see the original trilogies, their focous all turns on fett. even temeurra morisson n sum star wars scouts/reviewers said im basically mtelling the fact. if it isnt the same 4 u,fine. n, boba fett dying in ep6, tht wuz a mistake. on lucas’ part. i heard he tried to make it up by showing fett crawl out of the sarlaac i nthe special edition trilogies. but by then, most people knew he wuz alive neway, so he screwed the idea.
    p.s. loki, ill confirm ure report afta i c tht movie tommorow.

  13. pedro says:

    or maybe lucas didn’t show that section of filming (fett crawling out of the pit) because he decided that he would rather have him die

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