Boba's Back in "Clone Wars" for "Deception"

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This Friday, January 20, Daniel Logan’s portrayal of Boba Fett is back on The Cartoon Network series, “Clone Wars.” Here is a trailer for episode 15 of season 4, “Deception:”

[Video no longer available.]

There’s more about the episode on

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UPDATED 1/20/2012 In an interview with TV Guide Magazine (no longer online as of 1/20/2021, copy instead), they ask supervising director Dave Filoni for the lowdown:

TV Guide Magazine: Obi-Wan in the slammer? Give us the deets!

This is a great espionage story that has Obi-Wan planting himself in this group of bad guys in the Republic prison to find out what the Separatists are up to. He knows a major plot is about to go down involving the kidnapping of Emperor Palpatine but he doesn’t know where and when. To get the information he needs, he pretends to be the bounty hunter villain Rako Hardeen, the marksman from Concord Dawn. The really hardcore Star Wars fans will notice that his disguise uses the helmet Ralph McQuarrie originally designed for Boba Fett. It’s totally cool. This arc is unlike anything we’ve done before — very, very noir — and it will take us toward the ever-spiraling conclusion of the season.

TV Guide Magazine: Who else is behind bars?

Filoni: We’re bringing together some of the best bounty hunters in the galaxy for this one. Embo is back. So is Bossk. And Boba Fett, who has been in prison since Season 2. We have a new villain bounty hunter Moralo Eval, who is of the same alien species as Osi Sobeck in our episode “The Citadel.” And a few more new ones we haven’t met yet. And they’re may just be a jail break! The arc itself is much bigger. We’re going to several new planets. Eventually there’s a rendezvous with Count Dooku and there’s a gauntlet, a tournament for bounty hunters, where they have to prove who’s the biggest badass. We have them fighting to survive with and against each other. And then there’s Obi-Wan in the midst of it all, trying to remain disguised. There are a lot of mysteries within mysteries.

Thoughts on this new Boba Fett?

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  1. UBFF says:

    Boba Fett is being used to crap in this show, this is not how the greatest movie character of all time should be treated. George Lucus has messed up the only thing that still keeps me hooked on star wars. Treat the Fett man with respect or I leave star wars. UBFF out…

    1. invader zim lover! says:

      yeah i don't think they should be treating him like MOLDY CHEESE! They do know that if boba fett was never created star wars would without a doubt NOT be as it is popular today!

  2. therealmccoy says:

    ya what a throwaway appearance for him in this episode. tho it is cool to see him and bossy still in jail from being arrested by mace and anakin last season

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