This Is The Way "Paz Vizla" Became "Paz Vizsla"

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BFFC spoke with a handful of folks at Lucasfilm and confirmed last week that “Paz Vizsla” is the correct spelling now for the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian, voiced by Jon Favreau and played by Tait Fletcher. The character is especially known for saying “this is the way.”

The original episode in November 2019 had it spelled wrong (“Paz Vizla”) and it was uncorrected for a while… until at least recently.

Wikipedia, IMDb, and even official licensees like Topps Star Wars Authentics have it wrong now.

Here’s what we collectively know and when:

Jon Favreau voiced the character of Pre Vizsla in The Clone Wars animated series. The character was a Mandalorian and member of Death Watch.

Chapter 3 of “The Mandalorian” (Season 1) premiered on November 22, 2019. At the end of the show, Tait Fletcher is credited as the double for “Paz Vizla.” Jon Favreau is not credited for the voice, but it’s very clearly him. Here’s a tweet we authored after the show aired:

On the same day, Vanity Fair ran an episode recap with the following commentary:

[T]he credits reveal that this new character is named Paz Vizla—a slightly different spelling of the last name (perhaps a mistake?) but too close to be coincidence. This has to be someone from the House of Vizsla, and a nod toward Favreau’s earlier character.

TLDR: “Vizla” ended up being a mistake. “Vizsla” is how the end credits appear now on the Disney+ stream; they’ve been retroactively corrected.

For comparison, here’s a tweet by James Weible showing the original credits and wondering the same thing:

So for all this time, we’ve been correcting fans: no, this is a different spelling. Well, now the source material has changed.

To circle back to our confirmation with Lucasfilm, here’s a reply we got from Lucasfilm Story Group member Matt Martin, who we’ve known for years like even saying hello at Star Wars Celebrations and even Galaxy’s Edge one time:

We also heard back from Lucasfilm’s Phil Szostak:

There you have it. This is the way it is now spelled.

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    one holds something special in it.

  2. Daniel says:

    So, if that’s the case… Would that make Paz a son or grandson to Pre? How far apart are they? Or is Paz the soon of an unmentioned relative of Pre’s? This only gives me more questions-

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