Parenting and Childhood Done Right: The Story of Logan Dominic Cosplay

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There’s a new Mandalorian out there. His name is Logan Dominic (logandominiccosplay on Instagram) and he’s a 4 year old cosplayer. Together with his father Emanuel, his costumes are out of this world — a mix of 3D printing and traditional craftsmanship. Logan’s “Mini Mandalorian” caught out eye in late 2019 and it was pure luck to meet father and son in person at Empire Con in Los Angeles. One of our videos even caught the attention of the actor behind The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal (and has been seen now over half a million times just on Twitter). Logan’s cosplay has continued to blow up thereafter, growing to include a Baby Yoda sidekick and now a Boba Fett, including many other outfits. We spoke with them both for an interview.

Tell us a little bit about Logan and his cosplay interests, plus your involvement in all of this.

Logan started cosplaying at 2 years old with a full on Deadpool suit that I made him. He just loves getting into character. He sees it on TV and just wants to be like them — LOL.

As for myself, I make all his cosplays. I sew, paint, print, make patters, do the drawings, and so forth.

When was it decided to become The Mandalorian?

Emanuel: Obviously when the show came out — LOL. I was going to make him the first suit with old armor but then saw the Beskar armor and fell in love. I asked Logan, “which one do you like better?”

Logan: The metal one. Because it looks awesome.

What was involved with making the costume, from the templates to the 3D printing?

First I started with the helmet. I had to find a good one — or at least close to good — and I found one in Thingiverse. The helmet I got from Thingiverse and the armor I got from PapasReCreations on Etsy. He made all the Beskar armor files for me and they were super accurate. I definitely wanna thank him.

Then came the clothing. I went to get some fabric, made the pattern, and got to sewing. Weathered it a bit to look like it’s been in combat. The belt and strap I made out of EVA foam.

When did Baby Yoda get added to the mix? With no Baby Yoda toys really available when the show came out, how was that created?

That was a must. Knowing I was making him a Mandalorian, I had to make him a Baby Yoda which again luck came into play. iamseanfields on Instagram made a Baby Yoda file and had the files for free, but missed the cut to get one. More great help came from cosplayer the_cosplay_r on Instagram, who had the files and shared them with me and thus Baby Yoda was born — LOL.

Tell us about the experience at Empire Con, from “trooping” with fellow Star Wars cosplayers to meeting Boba Fett (Mark Austin)?

Crazy thing about that was I didn’t know about the event at all till a week before. Another fellow cosplayer — thedeadpool_stormtrooper on IG — told me about it and looked it up to see what exactly is it. I was like, “this is great opportunity to bring out Mandalorian.”

Meeting Boba Fett was AWESOME! Especially because we were walking to talk to him but at the same time he was looking for the little Mandalorian also. He said, “hey, I wanted to take a pic with you,” and we were like, “that’s funny cause we came to try to get a pic with you.” It was pretty funny. The whole experience was amazing. The reaction he got from everyone was great. Very friendly. People didn’t crowd him too much where he got scared. The other cosplayers were very respectful.

You’ve also wrapping up a Boba Fett costume for Logan as well. Tell us more about that (e.g. pieces, challenges, what’s 3D printed, what’s not, etc.)

Well, this one was a bit of a challenge just cause I felt there’s way more little details that goes with that suit that makes the suit. The chest I had to make out of EVA foam cause I couldn’t find a proper file for it. The shoulders and gauntlets I 3D printed. I also did all the painting which was a challenge itself because I had to make it as it’s been through battle.

How has it been for Logan to dress up as The Mandalorian and now Boba Fett and interact with the official costumed characters at Disneyland? That’s a unique thing for children, as adults can’t dress up there.

He loves dressing up in general but he particularly liked the Mando and Fett because of the gauntlets. He loves the blasters and gauntlets. Meeting Boba Fett at Disneyland was awesome! He’s the one that actually spotted him. Logan was like, “DAD! DAD! Boba Fett!!” So we ran over to go get a pic.

Plans for Celebration Anaheim this year? Do you think Logan will be Mando one day and Boba on another?

Well, we were only able to get tickets for Thursday and that day we’re taking Mando. I wish we had another day so we could’ve brought out Kylo, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul, but oh well lol. If anyone has some extras for other days we wouldn’t mind taking them off off your hands — LOL.

Any advice for fellow kids and/or fellow parents?

I guess make sure the kid likes doing it. I’m lucky that Logan loves it. He asked here and there, “when are we going to the super heroes?” That’s what he calls conventions.

And as for parents, just be very patient with your kid — LOL. Let them just have fun and take a lot of snacks and liquids.

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