Clark Mitchell, Unleashed Artist

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“I think my turning point as a Star Wars illustrator was the success of the Boba Fett painting which was done for a re-designed package line called Unleashed,” Mitchell explains in a profile, released yesterday.

[UPDATE: Image no longer available.]

The profile goes on to explain that Mitchell illustrated “a striking Boba Fett illustration which got picked up by the Star Wars Fan Club for sale as an exclusive poster.”

[UPDATE: Link on no longer available.]

The illustration was also a promo trading card at Comicon 2003. Mitchell has also been to events like Celebration 3, to sign prints of the Unleashed artwork.

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  1. coolkid says:

    this is an awesome way to show boba holding a blaster. He looks real

  2. Boba Dude says:

    *Drools* That is VERY good.

  3. josh says:

    The Jet pack is so cool man!!

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