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ToyFare #105 revealed that the bulk of fans nixed any references in their Top 25 fan's choice, preferring other Expanded Universe characters from books, comics, and video games, which are rarely being made among the multiple re-sculpts out there. So, what's your Top 5 Fett Fan's Choice?

Two clones made the list--Clone Commander and Commander Neyo--who were both seen in Revenge of the Sith.

This begs these two questions:

1. Are there enough Boba Fett action figures?
2. What's your Top 5 Fett Fan's Choice list?

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(Note: this is part one of two poll questions. Add your choices below, to help provide choices in the second poll, slated for next week.)

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  1. Boba Dude says:

    There are WAY TO FEW Boba Fett figures. There needs to be more.

  2. ARC Fett says:

    There should be at least on figure of boba during the boba fett books and stuff. there also should be one of him during the bouty hunter wars with bossk and stuff, and there should one of him after he got out of the Sarlacc! that would be sweet

  3. ARC Fett says:

    But at least Jaster made it in the top 5

  4. Tyty says:

    Arc Fett, I couldn't tell if you were being sarcarastic, but you just mentioned just about all the figs of fett.

  5. Fett should have his own series of action figures.

  6. Mandalorian Wrath says:

    Not enough Boba Fett action figs ? Come ooooon ! I'm also a fan of Boba but you can already find :

    - 1978 Kenner's version
    - 1995 Kenner version + variation
    - 1996 Deluxe figure
    - SOTE figure
    - 300th Edition Figure
    - AOTC Boba Fett
    - VOTC Figure
    - Saga figure (At least 3 different variations)

    Now if you tell me that there aren't enough different molds of the figures, I'll agree more, but partly only, since the 300th edition, the VOTC figure, and the all new Saga figure are the best Boba Fett figures ever made, and it would be very hard to make better and/or tremendously different.

    Personnally I think there are enough Boba figures. Not enough Boba statues, Boba's props replicas, etc, but enough Boba figures.

    Too bad Mandalore didn't make it on the other hand. This character should have his own figure, but I guess not enough people have read the TotJ series to give the character the importance he deserves.

  7. coolkid says:

    yeah, it's impossible to find a figure. The only fifure I have is one I found in a four pack repack.

  8. ARC Fett says:

    Tyty "Arc Fett, I couldn't tell if you were being sarcarastic, but you just mentioned just about all the figs of fett." and you point would be what?

  9. Alexander says:

    I think a question should be if there should be a game based on 'fett.

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