Bloodlines by Karen Traviss is Coming

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Boba Fett makes cover.

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The book is expected in September, as the second part of a nine-book series. The cover is by Jason Felix, based on a publicity photo taken circa 1997 and seen in the Special Edition promo campaign with Pepsi.

"Civil war looms as the fledgling Galactic Alliance confronts a growing number of worlds set on rebellion -- and the approaching war is tearing the Skywalker and Solo families apart. Han's Corellian roots and Luke's dedication to the Jedi order are driving a wedge between the families. Han and Leia's children, Jacen and Jaina, are soldiers in the Galactic Alliance's campaign to crush the insurgents. Luke and Mara are unable to protect their son Ben from war. The quest of an assassin draws out a dreaded name from the past: Boba Fett. And in the new galactic order, friends and enemies are no longer what they seem..."

For the original announcement, see the news report.

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  1. TheFettMan says:

    If this book is about another one of those damn theories on how Boba Fett finally died, I'm gonna execute order 66 on all writers, publishers, and sponsors of Star Wars books that is based on times after episode 6. Then I'll reorganize those companies into the first Galactic Empire! **Imperial March plays dramatically**Just kidding. I'm still gonna be pissed, though. X{

  2. coolkid says:

    looks like just another spinoff
    they think their book will become landmark special if fett is in it
    unifying force was cool and all, but this book has him as the whole cover. Lame way to get publicity.

  3. coolkid says:

    I actually looked at the author and saw she wrote triple zero
    she will probably be having fett sudanlt know how to speak mandolorian.
    He will probably be singin in the helmet too.Hehe. She thinks clones sing in their helmets! ha ahhahahha

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