Celebration Chicago: Day 2 Highlights

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On day two of SWCC, we spoke with EFX president Bryan Ono about their brand-new 1:1 scale
Boba Fett helmet, revealed day one of the convention. He shares inside info on the details and process.

Daniel Logan had a fun photo shoot with Funko/Loungefly, featuring their Boba Fett exclusives.

At the Hasbro panel, they announced a “Kenner” Boba Fett for their Black Series line. It will be an SDCC exclusive later this year.

Twitter user JediMoses, who shot great pics of the Hasbro panel, also found the newly unveiled display case featuring the “Kenner” Boba Fett on display:

BFFC contributing editor James Clarke found an excellent Jango Fett cosplayer:

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures” posters were being given out and BFFC contributing editor Dan Lo got one. You can see they include Boba Fett, so maybe he’ll be getting a cameo in the animated series.

Cosplayer craftsman Wasted Fett has been making “Femme Fett” armor and JillenniumFett (Instagram) wore it today:

For other collectibles at the show, see our guide covering the whole event.

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