Celebration Anaheim: New Boba Fetts Announced at Day 1's Star Wars Collectibles Update Panel

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Moments ago was Day 1’s Star Wars Collectibles Update with Lucasfilm’s Anita Castellar @ Behind the Scenes Stage. Two big Boba Fett announcements!

1. Bandai’s high-end line has a new series of Ronin influenced Star Wars figures, including a Boba Fett. This is an exclusive announcement and photo from Celebration.

2. Sideshow announced a new McQuarrie concept Boba Fett work-in-progress photo.

Photos (above) by Boba Fett Fan Club.

Looking for more about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim? See our guide for Boba Fett fans.

UPDATE Pop-Critica.com got a hold of Bandai’s presentation file, which allows for a more straight-on view of the slide:


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