"Sarlacc Goo" Fett only at Wal-Mart

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Issue #81 of Marvel Comics’ Star Wars had Boba Fett escape the Sarlacc Pit. 23 years later, the comic is now being republished to go with two new action figures. The Boba Fett figure, nicknamed “Sarlacc goo” for the paint job effect, is packaged with the RA-7 droid.

The storyline — written in 1984 by Jo Duffy and illustrated by Ron Frenz, Thomas Palmer, and Tom Mandrake — has Boba Fett rescued by Jawas in the Tatooine desert. Why is Fett with a droid instead of one of these awesome Jawas? If only the licensing department got in touch with the fans… they could have sold a lot more of these.

All of this is part of a whole series of “30th Anniversary” Star Wars action figures, paired with a classic comic book, re-published by Dark Horse Comics. Other sets include:

  • Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade
  • A’Sharad Hett and Dark Woman
  • Princess Leia and Darth Vader
  • Darth Vader and Rebel Officer

This two-pack is only available at Wal-Mart and, in due time, unofficially on eBay.

Our Bounty database has more about the original Star Wars #81.

Also related, one artist named Emily has a “Sarlacc goo” drawing she shared with us:

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  1. Mel says:

    Hmm, Sarlacc Goo. Just want every kid wants and every parent dreads :P

  2. cujo says:

    wal-mart exclusive…for shame, that place is the sarlacc on earth!

  3. Sam says:

    Wal-mart is more like the cantina on Mos Eisley, It’s like a scum magnet. Although I prefer the Dengar saving fett version of this story, I’ll still pick this one up.

  4. Seco Fett says:

    Yeah, I think the Dengar one is better too.

    P.S. Boba has black hair and no goatee.

  5. Ezra Moreno says:

    Boba fett was a adopted clone so he MUST look like his father.
    The story of Dengar rescuing Boba Fett is definitely more preferred even though if you go up to someone and asked them "who rescued Boba Fett when he blasted his way out of the sarlacc (great pit of carcoon) they probably couldn't tell you.

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