Revenge of the Bounty Hunter

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The young adult novel series might be answering a question posed by fans after Episode II: will Boba Fett get Mace Windu for the death of his father?

Boba Fett: Pursuit hits stores this December and poses some very interesting ideas that might be answered finally as well as possibly in Episode III itself. A lot of fans are intrigued by the relationship Boba Fett has between Mace Windu and would love to see a fight sequence between Samuel L. Jackson’s character and the mysterious bounty hunter still coping with loss.

According to sources producer of the Star Wars prequels, Rick McCallum has hinted at this actually appearing in the film, “Well, remember what Obi-Wan learned on Kamino. Jango didn’t want Boba to be artificially aged like the other clones, but whose to say that Boba wouldn’t do it himself, in order to become strong enough to seek his revenge.” George Lucas chimed in once before about Mace Windu’s fate in Episode III stating about Samuel L. Jackson “…He’s looking forward to the fact that he knows that at the end of the Clone War he gets killed so he gets hopefully a great death scene.”


“Young Boba Fett is quickly making a name for himself as one of the most capable bounty hunters in the galaxy. Having survived an encounter with the deadly General Grievous, there’s one bounty he wants more than any other: Mace Windu, the Jedi who killed his father.

“When fate and Anakin Skywalker bring Boba Fett to Coruscant, Boba plunges into the city-planet’s underworld and arms himself for the greatest confrontation in his young life.

“It’s bounty hunter vs. Jedi Master as Boba Fett seizes his one and only chance at vengeance, in the dramatic conclusion to the popular series. Pursuit is the sixth novel in the series, a Clone Wars novel by Elizabeth Hand. It features cover art by Louise Bova, and is scheduled for publication in December, 2004 by Scholastic Inc.”

According to a transcript from the Official Star Wars web site representative, “Scholastic will end the Boba Fett series with book six, Pursuit. It’s mostly how Boba Fett ends up where he is in Episode IV.”

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  1. sir knows alot says:


    no sadly boba wont get his revenge, but mace will die.

  2. matthew says:

    i bet there will be a tianic struggle before mace dies.

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