Boba Fett Wears Nike

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Nike Skateboarding has a new Star Wars themed suede/leather shoe — also called Dunks — called The Boba Fett. The style, which has Fett’s signature black/gray/yellow/maroon with yellow accents and a maroon swoosh, will be available for $130.


Some of the comment-filled coverage already online is from the skate community: The Rockstar Society, SoleDiction, HypeBeast, and Vapors Magazine.

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  2. sAm says:

    No green? Fett would never wear these.

  3. Sam says:

    I found some Boba Fett socks at Target today…in the dollar section!

  4. Cujo says:

    130$ is steep in any galaxy, but they are pretty cool.

  5. Are they seriously designed to be like Fett? Does Nike advertise it like that? Or is it just a coincidence… cuz I might fork over some money for a pair on Ebay if it was official Fett, but if not it’s just a cool looking overpriced shoe.

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