Boba Fett's Soul Patch (on a USB Flash Drive)

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We first covered this back in October, but now the web is abuzz with news about the Mimobot’s new Star Wars line of premium (read: expensive) USB flash storage drives. Boba Fett’s no longer a mystery: you can unmask him at your leisure to reveal a soul patch’d mug that some will learn to love.
Scheduled for a January/February 2008 release, the Mimobot web site has pre-ordering. Prices are quite less than the official Star Wars Shop.


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  1. Boba Fan 2007 says:

    Hey, is it just me, or doesn’t the face on this Boba Fett USB Flash drive look like Daniel Logan? Could this be a look into what the future holds for Boba?

  2. manji_ninja says:

    OMG! Too adorable!!

  3. Dark Hunter says:

    No, haven’t you ever read the What if Star Wars comic books?? In ESB comic, you can see a pic of Boba unmasked who I think, they use to do this face in the usb keychan.

  4. LoverInne says:

    Cool! Can I get this treasure abroad of America, in Russia/Ukraina?

  5. FettFan79 says:

    I wanted one the first time I saw an ad for it, though I wouldn’t trust myself to not lose the helmet LOL

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