How to Get Daniel Logan's "Green Ink" Signature Edition EFX Boba Fett Helmet

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[UPDATE: As of March 25, 2021, they are now all sold out.]

We’re proud to be the exclusive site to reveal how to get Daniel Logan’s “green ink” signature edition EFX Boba Fett helmet!

In addition to the hard-to-find, brand-new EFX Boba Fett helmet, Daniel Logan (Boba Fett in AOTC and TCW) captured six signatures to make this his own “signature” edition: his own (of course) plus Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in ESB and ROTJ), John Morton (Boba Fett in the Cloud City hallway scene in ESB), Dickey Beer (one of the Boba Fett stuntmen in ROTJ), Mark Austin (Boba Fett in the 1997 SW Special Edition), and Don Bies (one of the Boba Fett actors in the 1997 ROTJ Special Edition). EFX made the custom plaque.

50 are in green ink and 100 more are in black ink. It’s very hard to track down all of these Boba Fett signatures and — especially since Jeremy Bulloch is retired — Daniel Logan did us all a favor capturing this rare bounty. Authenticated by Daniel himself.

For the “black ink” ones, as seen in the photo above, see the StarWarStore [UPDATE: no longer available]. For the green ones, keep reading for how to order. (As of May 2, 2020, there are 11 left for website orders, plus a few more for raffles that they do online.)

The plaques will be added to the original outer cardboard box, so it’ll be carefully cut open to add this and then re-taped. The inner box with the cool artwork and coolest helmet will be untouched.

Right now, you can order the green ink ones directly from Daniel Logan himself. They are $1,499 for fans in the United States and $1,599 for fans internationally. There’s no additional cost for shipping. There are now 5 left and they’re selling them for $2,000 flat worldwide when you mention BFFC somewhere in checkout. Daniel is also throwing in an 8×10 signed photo just for BFFC readers.

To order his signature edition, send payment using Daniel Logan’s link to order: [UPDATE: no longer available]

Provide your shipping address within PayPal so the helmet/plaque get to the right galaxy. He asks that you use the “friends/family” option for payment and will personally take care of your orders promptly and professionally.

To recap, it’s $1,499 for fans in the United States and $1,599 for fans internationally $2,000 flat worldwide when you mention BFFC somewhere in checkout for the following “green ink” edition (plus an 8×10 signed photo just for BFFC readers):

  • EFX Boba Fett helmet
    • 1:1 Replica Boba Fett helmet
    • Functional LED range finder
    • High quality ABS & machined aluminum construction
    • Master patterns cast from the screen used helmet
  • Daniel Logan’s signature (green ink)
  • Jeremy Bulloch’s signature (green ink)
  • John Morton’s signature (green ink)
  • Dickey Beer’s signature (green ink)
  • Mark Austin’s signature (green ink)
  • Don Bies’ signature (green ink)
  • Limited edition plaque with hand numbering (e.g. # out of 50)
  • Certificate of authenticity

Those who order will receive the hand numbered edition in the order that they complete the purchase. So if you’re the fifth one to order, you get #5 out of #50. If you’re #49, you get #49.

This doesn’t include a helmet stand nor plaque stand, however, 10 random buyers will get a free helmet stand as well.

We’ll update this page when we hear it’s sold out.

Best of all, Boba Fett himself will be preparing your order, safely from his headquarters in California.

To add this to your cargo hold, just send the correct amount to his PayPal link to order: [UPDATE: no longer available]

For the black ink edition, those are sold exclusively by StarWarStore and have different prices.

The Boba Fett Fan Club is not associated at all with this sale. We’re just sharing the facts.

Good luck!

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  1. Bob says:

    Payment via friends and family?? Scam scam scam

    1. Spoke to him about this before and after publishing this article. He’s in the mindset of befriending fans and of being burned with “charge backs” if done the other way. That said, I recommended doing it normally and it didn’t pan out.

      1. Bob says:

        If you pay via friends and family you are not covered by paypal. So if he decides not to send it, or theres a problem, there is literally nothing you can do. See this alot on for sale sites in uk and it’s always a scam.

        1. Agreed. Wish Daniel did it differently, but he was concerned about chargebacks if the buyer claimed an issue.

        2. Aaron says:

          Except this isn’t Joe Blow selling you something. This is an actor who’s reputation is worth a lot more than a mere $2000 however it doesn’t really matter at this point since there sold out

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