Boba Fett E-Novella Announced

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According to, and Karen Traviss' blog, there is going to be a novella called A Practical Man -- taking place before "Vector Prime" -- coming in August.

Her blog post answers some questions. For instance, it's not a Star Wars Fan Club exclusive, so you don't need to be a member.

The full press release was released yesterday; be careful of the intrusive advertisements if you're not a paid subscriber.

In the final battles against the Yuuzhan Vong, a surprising figure came swooping in to the rescue in the pages of The Unifying Force. Boba Fett and the Mandalorians had thrown their considerable power against the might of the alien invaders...but what had they been up to before that? What paved the way to that eventual decision?

Special thanks to Silent_Shadow900 for contributing to this report.

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  1. Silent_shadow900 says:

    Karen Traviss also said, in her Yahoo e-mail group, a few more things.

    "Catching up - I'm still on deadlines, so this is going to be brief - this story starts just before the Vong invasion and runs into the first few months of it. It's 20k words, and it also introduces a character you'll meet again in Bloodlines. And no doubt it will leave some saying: 'What happens next, then, c'mon, you can't just leave it there - '"

  2. coolkid says:

    i dont like traviss

  3. coolkid says:

    i dont like traviss

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