Where the Black Series "Prototype" Fett is Showing Up Way Ahead of Schedule

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[UPDATE 10/23/2014: Several collectible fan sites are reporting that the online pre-orders are starting to ship. Also this month, a Walgreens employee tweeted that full cases of this figure were due to ship to stores starting in November, whereas currently stores only receive one figure within a separate box of Black Series figures, making this one much harder to find.]

[UPDATE 9/12/2014: You can now use the Walgreens web page for this product to search by zip code to see which stores nearby may or may not have the figure in stock. This is a big improvement from the method we first outlined below. Online sales are not available, so this is for in-store pick up only, and limited to the United States. Helmet nod to The Collectors Cantina and Yakface.com for the tip.]

When the Walgreens exclusive was first announced in July, their online pre-sale sold out faster than you could turn on your jet pack. The lack of international sales, plus some U.S. state exclusions, didn’t go over well with a lot of fans, too.

Buried in the fine print, and unbeknownst to many fans who bought the pending merch from eBay scalpers, the brick-and-mortar Walgreens stores are also carrying the figure — but officially not until November 1. (An earlier update on their website said October.)

Photo by Julian (slade0 / Instagram).

Photo by Julian (slade0 / Instagram).

Regardless of their release date, in the last week, we’ve seen pictures from fans who have in hand this new figure — a full two months ahead of schedule. (Helmet nod to Jedi Temple Archives for the first sighting that caught our eye.) The figure seems to be alongside Black Series Wave 5 figures like Darth Vader, Chewbacca, and another Sandtrooper.

We consulted some collectible experts, like the fine folks at Yakface.com. To them, this is no anomaly: action figures make it on shelves before official release dates all the time.

Where Has Fett Been Spotted

Where might you find some of these Walgreens with early shipments, opened ahead of schedule? Here’s our exclusive list with attribution from people who shared where they bought theirs.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
    • 375 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, Arizona (Source)
  • California
    • Fresno, California (source post no longer available)
  • Florida (Source)
    • Coral Springs, Florida (Source)
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
    • Aurora, Illinois (source post no longer available)
    • Bolingbrook, Illinois (source post no longer available)
    • Downers Grove, Illinois (source post no longer available)
    • Lisle, Illinois (source post no longer available)
    • Naperville, Illinois (source post no longer available), including three on the shelf
    • Westmont, Illinois (source post no longer available)
    • Woodridge, Illinois (source post no longer available)
  • Michigan (Source)
    • Detroit, Michigan (source post no longer available)
  • North Carolina
    • 5053 Highway 70 West, Morehead City, North Carolina (Source)
  • Texas
    • Houston, Texas (source post no longer available)
    • San Antonio, Texas (Source)
  • Wisconsin (Source)

If you find one (or more), let us know where in the comments to help out other Fett fans.

How To Track Down The Exclusive Fett Figure


To save some time, call ahead or ask a manager to either 1) look up the wave on an “Inventory On Hand” report (which will also show nearby stores) or 2) just check inventory of the exclusive Boba Fett figure using the figure’s “WIC” code, which gets printed on everyone’s receipt for this Boba Fett figure:


If the manager decides to approve an “Inventory on Hand” report, you could see available inventory across multiple, local stores — complete with full addresses to those Walgreens. While other fans may be picking up the figures right then, you at least can have a roadmap to possibly find something.


Curious what the back of the packaging says? We transcribed it:

Before he put on the familiar Mandalorian armor from the Star Wars saga, this notorious bounty hunter was initially envisioned as a “super trooper” in all-white armor. This special figure captures the beginning of a character that has become a legend who is both respected and feared across the galaxy… Boba Fett.

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  1. Great…t doesn’t ship to Puerto Rico… time to play the ebay game…

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  3. Earl T says:

    I found Prototype Boba down in New Orleans yesterday.

  4. Stephen says:

    I just picked one up in Vancouver WA!

  5. WagMgr says:

    Walgreens in North Chili, NY here! I ordered up on these action figures and we got 8 in today. We have 7 assorted figures still in stock, including Luke, Darth, Chewy, and 2 remaining Boba Fetts. I will continue to try to get these into the store, and as long as our warehouse is in-stock they will keep coming in!

  6. jeromy says:

    Just got one in brookfield Wisconsin. Only one they had

  7. I picked a couple up in Hong Kong and i spotted a few with numbers on the helmet. Can anyone help verify its existence? I bought one. Number is actually serialized and different with each figure. Here is a pic of mine.

    1. What a find! We’ll spread the word to check. This was at a Walgreens in Hong Kong…? You verified the existence, so we’ll check if others have found these somewhere.

      1. There is no walgreens in Hong Kong (At least none that i’ve seen). Pick this up at a specialty toy store in a building filled with specialty toy stores and they all had them. Only one store had the ones with the numbers on the helmets. The store owner said something in Cantonese about it being only a run of 600 and something else i couldn’t make out coz he was talking too fast for me to understand. The gist i got was that this is either a first production run thats numbered or it was for a special event.

  8. TrickNasty says:

    Picked mine up yesterday in Durant, OK

  9. Smerk says:

    My local walgreens stores have them this week again. Found 2 this morning, so definitely start looking again.

  10. Xavier says:

    I’ve found some in Florida. One on Pembroke rd and another on Sheridan est.

  11. Sebastian says:

    Thanks. Found one. In las Vegas NV

  12. ben says:

    Walgreen’s at 5201 BeltlineRd Dallas, Tx has a few in stock.

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