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To bring in the New Year, The Boba Fett Fan Club is giving away Jango Fett here.

The new Koto 13 inch Jango Fett statue, issued by Dark Horse from the award-winning Artfx large vinyl Star Wars series, is our top prize for our first fan art contest.

Visit our Contests page between January 10 until March 10 2004 for details.

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  1. swfreak says:

    Wow!! First price winner gets the Koto 13″ Jango Fett?! Awesome!!

  2. Ben Much says:

    hey I love boba fett

  3. Janos says:

    I just heard that the BFFC is open again. Best news of the year so far.

    and I’m SO trying out for this contest.

  4. Boba Fettish says:

    I’d do something for the contest, but I know Janos will beat the pants off of me. So I’ll watch contentedly from the sidelines. Yay for the BFFC being back! Now if only I could sign in on the boards…

  5. swfreak says:

    Yeah, Boba Fettish, how are ya doin? I told Aaron about the problem with the passwords,
    he said he would try to figure it all out. But, can’t you register again?

    Take care

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