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Kenner "The Empire Strikes Back" Slave I Toy Ad (1981)

Air Date: 9/22/1981

* Kid #1: "Prepare to receive cargo."
* Voiceover: "Kenner Slave I comes with frozen Han Solo."
* Kid #2: "Is Han Solo completely frozen, Stormtrooper?"
* Kid #1: "Yes, Boba Fett."
* Voiceover: "Action figures each sold separately."
* Voiceover: "Place the prisoner in the detention unit."
* Voiceover: "Slave I has a rear loading ramp."
* Kid (?): "Prepare for take-off."
* Kid (?): "Check."
* Voiceover: "Movable canons and gravity-operated wings that trigger-lock."
* Kid (?): "Off to Jabba!"
* Voiceover: "Slave I with frozen Han Solo, from Kenner Star Wars Empire Strikes Back collection."

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