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"The Empire Strikes Back" Boba Fett Underooos Ad (1980)

* Voiceover: "In the not too distant future on a planet called Earth, it's Underoos!"
* Kid (as Boba Fett): "Star Wars Boba Fett is here."
* Kid (as Darth Vader): "That means Darth Vader is always near."
* Kid (as C-3PO): "C-3PO is at the __(?)__."
* Kid (as R2-D2): "And R2-D2 just makes me smile."
* All Kids: "Star Wars Underoos are here -- yeah! ___(?)___ in underwear."
* C-3PO: "Don't be so ridiculous, R2. Underoos are for Earthlings."

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