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#384: March 29, 2015

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Vote #TeamBoba in Latest #ThisIsMadness Matchup:

When this match-up began, #BobaFett led with 66% of the vote. Hours later, the lead fell to 23%. Throughout Saturday, according to our monitoring, Boba climbed back steadily without irregularity to reach 39% of the vote. We had the likes of Daniel Logan, Freddie Prinze Jr., and even William Shatner giving shout-outs for Boba. Then, hours later as the United States began to fall asleep, 9% of that gain disappeared with no social media track record of any push for vote to #TeamJango.

There's one more day to vote:

Last year, Boba Fett had 70% of the vote when he faced Jango. Both last year and this year, the poll appears to have used browser cookies to track votes. Deleting the cookie may be allowing repeat votes.

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