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#2919: March 7, 2022

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Yesterday at Capitola Collectacon 2022: five #BobaFett actors (Mark Austin, Don Bies, Dickey Beer, John Morton, and Daniel Logan), the original voice actor for Salacious Crumb, and one of the BFFC editors, Joe Carlson!

For more about every Fett, see our Behind The Mask feature on BFFC:

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#886: August 12, 2016

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#FettFriday: Fett's Sarlacc-proof helmet!

This is a rare Polaroid photo of #BobaFett's stunt helmet, care of ILM's Ira Keeler, in an unpainted state.

The 501st Legion's Golden Gate Garrison captured and shared an interview yesterday with the legendary special effects artist in a video shared on YouTube:

Ira describes how the entire Boba Fett costume was made of this kind of kitchen-style rubber for the scene where Fett falls into the Sarlacc Pit.

When Ira ponders the name of a colleague from the production, he's surely referring to Glenn Randall Jr., who also wore the Boba Fett costume for some of the stunts, along with Dickey Beer and Bob Yerkes.

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