Return of the Jedi

Anniversary: "Return of the Jedi" Premiered — May 25, 1983


Timeline: Released in 1983, Special Edition in 1997

Luke Skywalker has returned to his home planet of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Han Solo from the clutches of the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt, transported by Boba Fett on his Slave I.

Return of the Jedi premiered on May 25, 1983.

Return of the Jedi: Special Edition was originally slated for March 7, 1997 but due to the success of the prior Special Editions, it was pushed to March 14, 1997.

Boba Fett's costume has a unique look in this film vs. The Empire Strikes Back. He has red gauntlets, a teal/yellow/red/white jetpack, a faded flight suit, grey and white gloves, and a green cape. For more, see our costume guide.

Screen Time

Boba Fett is in "Return of the Jedi" for 1 minute 16 seconds across 20 different segments (not 20 shots).

This number uses the Return of the Jedi: Special Edition aka the current canon version since 1997 where he is shown on screen in the foreground or background.



Jeremy Bulloch ... The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi ... The Original

Glenn Randall Jr. ... Return of the Jedi stuntman (uncredited) ... Boba Fett at and around the Sarlacc

Dickey Beer ... Return of the Jedi stuntman (uncredited) ... Boba Fett at and around the Sarlacc

Bob Yerkes ... Return of the Jedi stuntman (uncredited) ... Boba Fett at and around the Sarlacc

Louis Friedman ... Return of the Jedi stuntman (uncredited) ... Boba Fett at and around the Sarlacc


Don Bies ... Return of the Jedi Special Edition (uncredited) ... Boba Fett flirting with Jabba's dancers

Nelson Hall ... Return of the Jedi Special Edition (uncredited) ... Boba Fett walking by in Jabba's Palace

For more, see Behind the Mask.

Script Excerpts

(Note: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Written by Lawrence Kasdan and George Lucas from the novel by George Lucas.)


Jabba continues speaking, as Threepio nervously translates. Boushh listens, studying the dangerous creatures around the room. He notices Boba Fett standing near the door.


Boushh leans against a column with gunfighter cool and surveys the scene, his gaze stopping only when it connects with a glare from across the room. Boba Fett is watching him. Boushh shifts lightly, cradling his weapon lovingly. Boba Fett shifts with equally ominous arrogance.



Threepio is standing behind the grotesque gangster as he strokes Leia like a pet cat. Several of the guards, including Lando, bring Luke from the other side of the room. Boba is standing behind Jabba.



[Off-script: Boba Fett appears here.]


With two swift strides, the dangerous Boba Fett ignites his rocket pack, leaps into the air, and flies from the barge down to
the skiff.


Boba lands on the skiff and starts to aim his laser gun at Luke, who has freed Han and Chewie from their bonds. But before Boba can fire, the young Jedi spins on him, lightsaber sweeping, and hacks the bounty hunter's gun in half.

Immediately, the skiff takes another direct hit from the barge's deck gun. Shards of skiff deck fly. Chewie and Han are thrown against the rail.

HAN: Chewie, you okay? Where is he?

The Wookiee is wounded and he howls in pain.

HAN: I'm okay, pal.

For a moment, Luke is distracted, and in that moment, Boba fires a cable out of his armored sleeve. Instantly, Luke is wrapped in a strong cable, his arms pinned against his side, his sword arm free only from the wrist down. Luke bends his wrist so the lightsaber points straight up to reach the wire lasso and cuts through. Luke shrugs away the cable and stands free.

Another blast from the Barge's deck gun hits near Boba and he is knocked unconscious to the deck, next to where Lando is hanging.

LANDO: Han! Chewie?

HAN: Lando!

Luke is a little shaken but remains standing as a fusillade brackets him. The second skiff, loaded with guards firing their weapons, moves in on Luke fast. Luke leaps toward the incoming second skiff. The young Jedi leaps into the middle of the second skiff and begins decimating the guards from their midst.

Chewie, wounded, tries to lift himself as he barks directions to Han, guiding him toward a spear which has been dropped by one of the guards. Han searches the deck as Chewie barks directions; finally he grabs hold of the spear.

Boba Fett, badly shaken, rises from the deck. He looks over at the other skiff, where Luke is whipping a mass of guards. Boba raises his arm, and aims his lethal appendage.

Chewie barks desperately at Han.

HAN: Boba Fett?! Boba Fett?! Where?

The space pirate turns around blindly, and the long spear in his hand whacks squarely in the middle of Boba's rocket pack. The impact of the swing causes the rocket pack to ignite. Boba blasts off, flying over the second skiff like a missile, smashing against the side of the huge Sail Barge and sliding away into the pit. He screams as his armored body makes its last flight past Lando and directly into the mucous mouth of the Sarlacc. The Sarlacc burps. Chewie growls a weak congratulations to Han.

Special Edition

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