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Star Wars Celebration

2019Daniel LoganChicago, Illinois, USAMore Info
2019John MortonChicago, Illinois, USAMore Info
2017Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2017Daniel LoganOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2015Dickey BeerAnaheim, California, USAMore Info
2015Jeremy BullochAnaheim, California, USAMore Info
2015John MortonAnaheim, California, USAMore Info
2015Daniel LoganAnaheim, California, USAMore Info
2012Daniel LoganOrlando, FL, USA More Info
2012Temuera MorrisonOrlando, FL, USA More Info
2012Daniel LoganOrlando, FL, USA More Info
2012Jeremy BullochOrlando, FL, USA More Info
2010Daniel LoganOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2007Jeremy BullochLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info
2007Daniel LoganLos Angeles, California, USA More Info
2007Costume/PropLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info
2005Daniel LoganIndianapolis, Indiana, USA More Info
2005Jeremy BullochIndianapolis, Indiana, USA More Info
2002Daniel LoganIndianapolis, Indiana, USA More Info

Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination

2013 – 2014Costume/PropSan Jose, California, USAMore Info
2013Costume/PropIndianapolis, Indiana, USAMore Info
2012 – 2013Costume/PropOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2012Costume/PropWichita, Kansas, USAMore Info
2011 – 2012Costume/PropSanta Ana, California, USAMore Info
2011Costume/PropHouston, Texas, USAMore Info
2011Costume/PropSeattle, Washington, USAMore Info
2010 – 2011Costume/PropLafayette, Louisiana, USAMore Info
2010Costume/PropHuntsville, Alabama, USAMore Info
2010Costume/PropAnchorage, Alaska, USAMore Info
2009Costume/PropMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaMore Info
2008 – 2009Costume/PropSydney, New South Wales, AustraliaMore Info
2008Costume/PropMinneapolis, Minnesota, USAMore Info
2008Costume/PropPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USAMore Info
2007 – 2008Costume/PropChicago, Illinois, USAMore Info
2007Costume/PropFt. Worth, Texas, USAMore Info
2007Costume/PropLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info
2006 – 2007Costume/PropPortland, Oregon, USAMore Info
2006Costume/PropColumbus, Ohio, USAMore Info
2005 – 2006Costume/PropBoston, Massachusetts, USAMore Info

London Film & Comic Con

2018Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UKMore Info
2017Dickey BeerLondon, England, UK More Info
2017Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2017Mark AustinLondon, England, UK More Info
2016Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2016Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2015Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2015John MortonLondon, England, UK More Info
2014Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2014Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2013Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2012Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2011Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2010Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info

Star Wars Identities

2021Costume/PropSingaporeMore Info
2019 – 2020Costume/PropTennoz, Tokyo, JapanMore Info
2018 – 2019Costume/PropUltimo, New South Wales, AustraliaMore Info
2017 – 2018Costume/PropBrussels, BelgiumMore Info
2017 – 2018Costume/PropUtrecht, NetherlandsMore Info
2016 – 2017Costume/PropLondon, England, UK More Info
2016Costume/PropMunich, GermanyMore Info
2015Costume/PropCologne, Germany More Info
2014 – 2015Costume/PropLyon, FranceMore Info
2014Costume/PropParis, France More Info
2013Costume/PropOttawa, Ontario, Canada More Info
2012 – 2013Costume/PropEdmonton, Alberta, Canada More Info
2012Costume/PropMontreal, Quebec, Canada More Info

Star Wars Weekends

2015Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2015Daniel LoganOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2013Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2012Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2011Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2008Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2007Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2001Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info

Dragon Con

2017Daniel LoganAtlanta, Georgia, USAMore Info
2013Daniel LoganAtlanta, Georgia, USAMore Info
2011Temuera MorrisonAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info
2010Daniel LoganAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info
2008Daniel LoganAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info
2008Jeremy BullochAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info
2004Daniel LoganAtlanta, Georgia, USAMore Info
2004Jeremy BullochAtlanta, Georgia, USAMore Info
2002Jeremy BullochAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info
2001Jeremy BullochAtlanta, Georgia, USA More Info

The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention

2019Daniel LoganMalmo, SwedenMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochAlvsjo, Sweden More Info
2013Jeremy BullochGoteborg, SwedenMore Info
2012Temuera MorrisonStockholm, SwedenMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochMalmo, Sweden More Info
2009Jeremy BullochAlvsjo, SwedenMore Info
2005Jeremy BullochGoteborg, SwedenMore Info
2005Temuera MorrisonMalmo, SwedenMore Info
2002Jeremy BullochStockholm, SwedenMore Info
1999Jeremy BullochMalmo, SwedenMore Info

Star Wars: The Magic of Myth

2002 – 2003Costume/PropSydney, Australia More Info
2002Costume/PropNew York City, New York, USA More Info
2001 – 2002Costume/PropToledo, Ohio, USA More Info
2001Costume/PropHouston, Texas, USA More Info
2000 – 2001Costume/PropChicago, Illinois, USA More Info
2000Costume/PropMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA More Info
1999 – 2000Costume/PropSan Diego, California, USA More Info
1997 – 1999Costume/PropWashington, D.C., USAMore Info

Star Wars Celebration Europe

2016Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UKMore Info
2016Daniel LoganLondon, England, UKMore Info
2013Dickey BeerEssen, Germany More Info
2013John MortonEssen, Germany More Info
2013Daniel LoganEssen, Germany More Info
2013Jeremy BullochEssen, Germany More Info
2007Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info

Star Wars: The Exhibition

2009Costume/PropSantiago, ChileMore Info
2008 – 2009Costume/PropMadrid, SpainMore Info
2008Costume/PropOrnskoldsvik, SwedenMore Info
2008Costume/PropBrussels, BelgiumMore Info
2007 – 2008Costume/PropLondon, England, UKMore Info
2007Costume/PropPorto, PortugalMore Info
2006 – 2007Costume/PropLisbon, PortugalMore Info

The Art of Star Wars

2005 – 2006Costume/PropSingapore, Japan More Info
2002Costume/PropEdinburgh, Scotland, UK More Info
2001Costume/PropHelsinki, Finland More Info
2001Costume/PropEdinburgh, Scotland, UK More Info
2000 – 2001Costume/PropBradford, West Yorkshire, UK More Info
2000Costume/PropLondon, England, UK More Info
1994 – 1995Costume/PropSan Francisco, California, USAMore Info

Con Comics

2014Jeremy BullochLatu, Montevideo, Uruguay More Info
2014Jeremy BullochForja, Cordoba, Argentina More Info
2013Jeremy BullochGuadalajara, MexicoMore Info
2012Daniel LoganGuadalajara, Mexico More Info
2010Jeremy Bulloch Morelia, Mexico More Info
2008Jeremy BullochGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico More Info

Rhode Island Comic Con

2019John MortonProvidence, Rhode Island, USAMore Info
2015Dickey BeerProvidence, Rhode Island, USAMore Info
2015Jeremy BullochProvidence, Rhode Island, USAMore Info
2015John MortonProvidence, Rhode Island, USAMore Info
2015Daniel LoganProvidence, Rhode Island, USAMore Info
2013John MortonProvidence, Rhode Island, USA More Info

Star Wars and the Power of Costume

2018Costume/PropDetroit, Michigan, USAMore Info
2017 – 2018Costume/PropSt. Petersburg, Florida, USAMore Info
2017Costume/PropCincinnati, Ohio, USAMore Info
2016 – 2017Costume/PropDenver, Colorado, USAMore Info
2015 – 2016Costume/PropNew York City, New York, USAMore Info
2015Costume/PropSeattle, Washington, USAMore Info


2016Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2016Daniel LoganOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info
2013Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2012Daniel LoganOrlando, Florida, USA More Info
2010Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info


2017Jeremy BullochPensacola, Florida, USAMore Info
2015Jeremy BullochPensacola, Florida, USAMore Info
2014John MortonPensacola, Florida, USA More Info
2014Jeremy BullochPensacola, Florida, USAMore Info
2014Daniel LoganPensacola, Florida, USA More Info

Toronto Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info
2013Daniel LoganToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info
2012Jeremy BullochToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info
2012Daniel LoganToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info
2011Jeremy BullochToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info

Wizard World Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganColumbus, Ohio, USAMore Info
2017Daniel LoganMadison, WI , USAMore Info
2011Jeremy BullochLos Angeles, California, USA More Info
2003Daniel LoganRosemont, Illinois, USA More Info
1999Jeremy BullochRosemont, Illinois, USA More Info

Awesome Con

2018Jeremy BullochWashington, D.C., USAMore Info
2018John MortonWashington, D.C., USAMore Info
2015John MortonWashington, D.C., USA More Info
2014John MortonWashington, D.C., USA More Info

Bounty Bonanza

2014Jeremy BullochSydney, AustraliaMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochBrisbane, Queensland, AustraliaMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochAdelaide, AustraliaMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochMelbourne, AustraliaMore Info

Cincinnati Comic Expo

2019John MortonCincinnati, Ohio, USAMore Info
2014Dickey BeerCincinnati, Ohio, USAMore Info
2014John MortonCincinnati, Ohio, USAMore Info
2014Daniel LoganCincinnati, Ohio, USAMore Info

Grand Rapids Comic Con

2021Daniel LoganGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA More Info
2021John MortonGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA More Info
2021Dickey BeerGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA More Info
2015Dickey BeerGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA More Info

Las Vegas Toy Con

2019Dickey BeerLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info
2018Jeremy BullochLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info
2018Daniel LoganLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info
2018Temuera MorrisonLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info

Montreal Comiccon

2017Jeremy BullochMontreal, Quebec, Canada More Info
2013Daniel LoganMontreal, Quebec, Canada More Info
2011Jeremy BullochMontreal, Quebec, CanadaMore Info
2009Jeremy BullochMontreal, Quebec, Canada More Info

Planet Comicon Kansas City

2016Jeremy BullochKansas City, Missouri, USAMore Info
2016Daniel LoganKansas City, Missouri, USA More Info
2011Daniel LoganOverland Park, Kansas, USA More Info
2011Jeremy BullochOverland Park, Kansas, USA More Info

Salt Lake Comic Convention

2018Daniel LoganSalt Lake City, Utah, USAMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochSalt Lake City, Utah, USAMore Info
2014Daniel LoganSalt Lake City, Utah, USAMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochSalt Lake City, Utah, USAMore Info

Supanova Expo

2017Temuera MorrisonPerth, Western Australia, AustraliaMore Info
2017Temuera MorrisonSydney, New South Wales, AustraliaMore Info
2014Daniel LoganBrisbane, Queensland, AustraliaMore Info
2014Temuera MorrisonGold Coast, Queensland, AustraliaMore Info

Tokyo Comic Con

2019Daniel LoganChiba, JapanMore Info
2018Daniel LoganChiba, JapanMore Info
2016Daniel LoganChiba, Japan More Info
2015Daniel LoganTokyo, Japan More Info

Wales Comic Con

2014Jeremy BullochWrexham, Wales, UKMore Info
2014John MortonWrexham, Wales, UK More Info
2012Jeremy BullochWrexham, Wales, UK More Info
2010Jeremy BullochWrexham, Wales, UK More Info

Winter Con

2015Dickey BeerJamaica, New York, USA More Info
2015Daniel LoganJamaica, New York, USAMore Info
2015John MortonJamaica, New York, USAMore Info
2015Jeremy BullochJamaica, New York, USAMore Info

Boston Super Megafest

2013Jeremy BullochFramingham, MA, USA More Info
2011Jeremy BullochFramingham, MA, USAMore Info
2007Jeremy BullochFramingham, MA, USA More Info

Collectormania Glasgow

2014John MortonGlasgow, Scotland, UK More Info
2013Jeremy BullochGlasgow, Scotland, UK More Info
2008Jeremy BullochGlasgow, Scotland, UK More Info

Comic Con Brussels

2020Dickey BeerBruxelles, BelgiumMore Info
2018Jeremy BullochBrussels, BelgiumMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochBrussels, Belgium More Info

Dallas Comic Con

2016Daniel LoganDallas, Texas, USA More Info
2013Daniel LoganDallas, Texas, USA More Info
2008Jeremy BullochRichardson, Texas, USA More Info


2012Jeremy BullochStony Brook, NY, USA More Info
2011Daniel LoganStony Brook, NY, USA More Info
2008Daniel LoganStony Brook, NY, USA More Info

London Film Fair

2017John MortonWestminster, UK More Info
2017Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info
2015Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UKMore Info

Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention

2015Dickey BeerLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info
2012Temuera MorrisonLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info
2010Daniel LoganLos Angeles, California, USA More Info

Louisiana Comic Con

2018Dickey BeerLafayette, Louisiana, USAMore Info
2017John MortonLafayette, Louisiana, USAMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochLafayette, Louisiana, USAMore Info


2002Jeremy BullochBirmingham, UK More Info
2002Jeremy BullochGlasgow, Scotland, UK More Info
2001Jeremy BullochBirmingham, UK More Info

Mississippi Comic Con

2018Dickey BeerJackson, Mississippi, USAMore Info
2018John MortonJackson, Mississippi, USAMore Info
2017Jeremy BullochJackson, Mississippi, USAMore Info

Motor City Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochNovi, Michigan, USAMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochNovi, Michigan, USA More Info
2007Jeremy BullochNovi, Michigan, USA More Info

San Diego Comic-Con

2012Daniel LoganSan Diego, California, USA More Info
2002Jeremy BullochSan Diego, California, USA More Info
2001Jeremy BullochSan Diego, California, USA More Info

Shatterdome Con

2014Dickey BeerHerndon, Virginia, USAMore Info
2014John MortonHerndon, Virginia, USAMore Info
2014Daniel LoganHerndon, Virginia, USAMore Info

Star Wars Fan Fun Day

2014John MortonBurnley, England, UK More Info
2013Jeremy BullochHarry Potts Way, Burnley, Lancashire, UKMore Info
2010Jeremy BullochLancashire, UKMore Info

Steel City Con

2017Daniel LoganMonroeville, PA, USA More Info
2011Jeremy BullochMonroeville, PA, USA More Info
2010Daniel LoganMonroeville, Pennsylvania, USA More Info

Sun City Scifi

2016Jeremy BullochEl Paso, Texas, USAMore Info
2014Daniel LoganEl Paso, Texas, USA More Info
2013Daniel LoganEl Paso, Texas, USA More Info

Alabama Comic Con

2019John MortonBirmingham, Alabama, USAMore Info
2018Jeremy BullochBirmingham, Alabama, USAMore Info

Alamo City Comic Con

2016Jeremy BullochSan Antonio, Texas, USAMore Info
2013Daniel LoganSan Antonio, Texas, USAMore Info

Albuquerque Comic Con

2018John MortonAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info
2016Dickey BeerAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USAMore Info

Armageddon Expo

2016Daniel LoganAuckland, New ZealandMore Info
2000Jeremy BullochAuckland, New Zealand More Info


2014Jeremy BullochBirmingham, England, UK More Info
2014Jeremy BullochHayes, Middlesex, UK More Info

Cardiff Film & Comic Con

2014Jeremy BullochCardiff, Wales, UK More Info
2013Jeremy BullochCardiff, Wales, UK More Info

Chicago Comicon

2012Jeremy BullochRosemont, IL, USA More Info
2009Jeremy BullochRosemont, IL, USA More Info


2014Jeremy BullochMilton Keynes, England, UK More Info
2013Jeremy BullochMilton Keynes, England, UK More Info

Comic Con Lima

2019Temuera MorrisonSantiago de Surco, PeruMore Info
2018Daniel LoganSurco, PeruMore Info

Con Nooga

2013Daniel LoganChattanooga, TN, USA More Info
2013Temuera MorrisonChattanooga, TN, USA More Info

Corsham Sci-Fi Family Funday

2014John MortonCorsham, England, UK More Info
2010Jeremy BullochCorsham, England, UK More Info

Culture Shock

2015John MortonIndianapolis, IN, USA More Info
2015Daniel LoganIndianapolis, IN, USA More Info

Days of the Dead

2017Jeremy BullochSchaumburg, Illinois, USAMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochAtlanta, Georgia, USAMore Info

Denver Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganDenver, CO, USAMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochDenver, CO, USA More Info

East Coast Comicon

2017Daniel LoganSecaucus, New Jersey, USAMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochSecaucus, New Jersey, USA More Info

Emerald Garrison

2010Jeremy BullochBelfast, UK More Info
2010Jeremy BullochCork, Eire, Ireland More Info

Expo Comics Cancun

2013Daniel LoganCancun, MexicoMore Info
2012Daniel LoganCancun, MexicoMore Info


2011Jeremy BullochGhent, Belgium More Info
2002Jeremy BullochGhent, Belgium More Info

Famous Collectables

2017Jeremy BullochBexhill-on-Sea, England, UKMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochBexhill-on-Sea, England, UK More Info

Fan Expo

2013Daniel LoganVancouver, Canada More Info
2012Jeremy BullochVancouver, Canada More Info

Fan Expo Dallas

2016Jeremy BullochDallas, Texas, USA More Info
2013Daniel LoganDallas, Texas, USAMore Info

Fanboy Expo Knoxville Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganKnoxville, TN, USAMore Info
2018Jeremy BullochKnoxville, TN, USAMore Info


2011Daniel LoganDusseldorf, Germany More Info
2011Jeremy BullochDusseldorf, Germany More Info

Fiction Meets Reality

2014Jeremy BullochSpeyer, GermanyMore Info
2014Daniel LoganSpeyer, GermanyMore Info

Film & Comic Con Cardiff

2019Dickey BeerCardiff, Wales, UKMore Info
2017Jeremy BullochCardiff, Wales, UKMore Info

Film & Comic Con Exeter

2019Dickey BeerExeter, England, UKMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochExeter, England, UK More Info

Florida Supercon

2019Daniel LoganMiami, Florida, USAMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochMiami Beach, Florida, USAMore Info

For the Love of Sci-Fi

2017Jeremy BullochManchester, England, UKMore Info
2017Daniel LoganManchester, England, UKMore Info

Gallifrey One

2011Daniel LoganLos Angeles, California, USA More Info
2010Daniel LoganLos Angeles, California, USA More Info

Generations Star Wars & Science Fiction

2018John MortonCusset, FranceMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochCusset, France More Info


2017Temuera MorrisonWaimea, Hawaii, USAMore Info
2017Daniel LoganWaimea, Hawaii, USAMore Info


2019Mark AustinFranklin, Tennessee, USAMore Info
2019Daniel LoganFranklin, Tennessee, USAMore Info

Invasion Belfast

2012Jeremy BullochBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK More Info
2009Jeremy BullochBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK More Info


2008Jeremy BullochDusseldorf, Germany More Info
2001Jeremy BullochCologne, GermanyMore Info

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention

2017Jeremy BullochLexington, Kentucky, USAMore Info
2015Jeremy BullochLexington, Kentucky, USA More Info

Longview Comic Convention

2019Dickey BeerLongview, Texas, USAMore Info
2018John MortonLongview, Texas, USAMore Info

Niagara Falls Comic Con

2021Daniel LoganNiagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaMore Info
2013Jeremy BullochNiagara Falls, Ontario, Canada More Info


2017Jeremy BullochNorwich, England, UKMore Info
2012Jeremy BullochNorwich, England, UK More Info

Norwich Sci-Fi Film, Toy & Collectors' Fair

2013Jeremy BullochNorwich, England, UKMore Info
2009Jeremy BullochNorwich, England, UK More Info

Nuke The Fridge Con

2015Daniel LoganCity of Industry, CA, USAMore Info
2013Daniel LoganCity of Industry, CA, USA More Info

Philadelphia Comic Con

2012Jeremy BullochPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA More Info
2011Daniel LoganPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA More Info

Phoenix Comic Con

2012Jeremy BullochPhoenix, AZ, USA More Info
2008Jeremy BullochPhoenix, AZ, USA More Info

Power of the Force Convention

2018Dickey BeerCologne, GermanyMore Info
2017John MortonOberhausen, GermanyMore Info

Return of the Garrison

2019Daniel LoganLeicester, England, UKMore Info
2014Jeremy BullochLeicester, UK More Info

Santa Fe Comic Con

2019John MortonSanta Fe, New Mexico, USAMore Info
2014John MortonSante Fe, New Mexico, USA More Info

Sheffield Film & Comic Con

2014Jeremy BullochSheffield, England, UK More Info
2014John MortonSheffield, England, UK More Info


2012Jeremy BullochRoanoke, VA, USAMore Info
2009Jeremy BullochRoanoke, Virginia, USA More Info

Silicon Valley Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganSan Jose, California, USAMore Info
2018Temuera MorrisonSan Jose, California, USAMore Info

South Texas Collectors Expo

2020Dickey BeerLaredo, Texas, USAMore Info
2013Jeremy BullochLaredo, Texas, USAMore Info

Star Force

2017Jeremy BullochSan Juan, Puerto Rico More Info
2017Daniel LoganSan Juan, Puerto Rico More Info

Star Wars Season of the Force

2015 – 2016Costume/PropAnaheim, California, USAMore Info
2015 – 2016Costume/PropOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info


1996Jeremy BullochAurora, Colorado, USA More Info
1995Jeremy BullochPasadena, California, USAMore Info

Texas Comicon

2015Daniel LoganSan Antonio, Texas, USA More Info
2013Jeremy BullochSan Antonio, Texas, USAMore Info

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

2018Jeremy BullochOaks, Pennsylvania, USAMore Info
2017John MortonOaks, Pennsylvania, USAMore Info

Time & Space

2010Jeremy BullochKent, England, UK More Info
2008Jeremy BullochKent, England, UKMore Info

York Unleashed

2018Daniel LoganYork, England, UKMore Info
2016Jeremy BullochYork, England, UK More Info

10th Planet

2007Jeremy BullochEssex, England, UK More Info

2050 Daytona Beach 2015

2015Daniel LoganDaytona Beach, Florida, USA More Info

5th Annual Star Wars Christmas Event

2007Jeremy BullochCardiff, Wales, UK More Info

9th Annual Sci-Fi & Action Exhibition

2017Jeremy BullochSuffolk, UK More Info


2008Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info

Albuquerque Comic Expo

2011Jeremy BullochAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info

Albuquerque Sci-Fi and Horror Expo

2011Daniel LoganAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA More Info

All-Con Dallas Convention

2018John MortonAddison, Texas, USA More Info

Allen Americans Star Wars Night

2018Dickey BeerAllen, Texas, USA More Info

Amazing Comic Con Aloha

2019Daniel LoganHonolulu, Hawaii, USAMore Info

Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas

2019Daniel LoganLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info

Amsterdam Comic Con

2016Daniel LoganAmsterdam, Netherlands More Info

An Afternoon with Robert Watts

2018Jeremy BullochWorthing, UK More Info

An Evening with Boba Fett

2017Jeremy BullochNewcastle upon Tyne, England, UKMore Info


2008Jeremy BullochLas Vegas, Nevada, USA More Info

Antwerp Convention

2014Jeremy BullochAntwerp, Belgium More Info

Arizona Star Warz Convention

1997Jeremy BullochScottsdale, Arizona, USAMore Info

Arkansas Comic Con

2017John MortonLittle Rock, Arkansas, USA More Info

Astro Mike

2000Jeremy BullochHarajuku, Tokyo, Japan More Info


2015Daniel LoganAthens, Georgia, USA More Info

Austin Comic Con

2011Daniel LoganAustin, Texas, USA More Info

Australian Movie & Comic Expo

2016Daniel LoganMelbourne, Australia More Info

Bangkok Comic Con

2015Daniel LoganBangkok, Thailand More Info

Belen Comic Con

2015Dickey BeerBelen, New Mexico, USAMore Info

Big Apple Comic-Con

2009Jeremy BullochNew York, New York, USA More Info

Blackburn Comic Con

2017Jeremy BullochLancashire, UKMore Info

Blackpool Comic Con

2015Dickey BeerBlackpool, England, UK More Info

Boba Fett at Disneyland Park

2016 – TBDCostume/PropAnaheim, California, USAMore Info

Boba Fett at Walt Disney World Resort

2016 – TBDCostume/PropOrlando, Florida, USAMore Info

Bolton Comic Con

2016Jeremy BullochBolton, England, UKMore Info

Bond Weekend

2010Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info

Bradford Comic Con

2017Jeremy BullochBradford City, England, UK More Info

Cantina / Reds

2000Jeremy BullochTokyo, Japan More Info

Capital Sci-Fi Con 2018

2018Jeremy BullochEdinburgh, Scotland, UKMore Info

Caracas Comic Con

2013Jeremy BullochCaracas, Venezuela More Info

Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con

2014Jeremy BullochCardiff, Wales, UK More Info

Cayfilm International Film Festival

2016Jeremy BullochCayman Islands More Info

Celebrity Con 99

1999Jeremy BullochSmyrna, Tennessee, USA More Info

Chippenham Sci Fi Convention 2016

2016Jeremy BullochChippenham, Wilts, UK More Info

Christmas Star Wars Sci-Fi Collectors Fair

2009Jeremy BullochNewport, Gwent, UK More Info

Clacton Sci-Fi Convention

2002Jeremy BullochClacton, Essex, UK More Info

Collectormania Kobenavn 2

2010Jeremy BullochCopenhagen, Denmark More Info

Collectormania Midlands

2008Jeremy BullochCoventry, England, UK More Info

Colorado Springs Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganColorado Springs, Colorado, USAMore Info

Columbus Sci-Fi Convention and Toy Show

2010Daniel LoganColumbus, Georgia, USA More Info

Comic Con Amsterdam

2019Dickey BeerAmsterdam, NetherlandsMore Info

Comic Con Austria

2017Jeremy BullochLinz, AustriaMore Info

Comic Con Colombia

2016Jeremy BullochMedellin, Colombia More Info

Comic Con Ecuador 2017

2017Daniel LoganGuayaquil, EcuadorMore Info


2019John MortonBloomington, Minnesota, USA More Info

Comicon Monterrey

2018Temuera MorrisonMonterrey, MexicoMore Info


2011Jeremy BullochHouston, Texas, USA More Info

Comikaze Expo

2015Dickey BeerLos Angeles, California, USA More Info

Con*Cept Montreal

2007Jeremy BullochMontreal, Canada More Info

CONvergence 2010

2010Jeremy BullochMinneapolis, Minnesota, USAMore Info

Creation Convention

1999Jeremy BullochChicago, Illinois, USA More Info

Creation Salutes Star Trek, Star Wars & Battlestar: Galactica

2007Jeremy BullochRosemont, Illinois, USA More Info


2019Daniel LoganSt Joseph, Missouri, USAMore Info

Dallas Comic Show

2017Dickey BeerRichardson, Texas, USAMore Info

Dallas Sci-Fi Expo & Star Wars Fan Days

2007Jeremy BullochPlano, TX, USA More Info

Daniel Logan Birthday Celebration

2019Daniel LoganSan Francisco, California, USAMore Info

Danville Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganDanville, Virginia, USAMore Info

Def-Con II

2013Jeremy BullochSouthampton, England, UK More Info

Detroit Comic Con

1998Jeremy BullochDetroit, Michigan, USA More Info

Devcon 2014

2014Jeremy BullochPlymouth, England, UKMore Info

Doncaster Comic-Con

2017Jeremy BullochDoncaster, UK More Info

Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars

2005Costume/PropLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info

Dutch Starcon

2001Jeremy BullochNetherlands More Info

Echo Base Charity Con 2017

2017Jeremy BullochUtrecht, NetherlandsMore Info

EM-Con Nottingham

2017Jeremy BullochNottingham, England, UK More Info

EM-Con Worcester

2018Jeremy BullochWorcester, England, UK More Info

Emediastar SciFi Sunday 2013

2013Daniel LoganFullerton, California, USA More Info

Emerald Garrison Invasion Dublin

2010Jeremy BullochDublin, Ireland More Info

Eugene Comic Con

2017Daniel LoganEugene, Oregon, USA More Info

Exewing Sci-Fi Day

2013Jeremy BullochUnderleys, Beer, Seaton, Devon, UK More Info

Expo Coleccionistas

2017John MortonMexico City, MexicoMore Info

Fan Expo Canada 2008

2008Jeremy BullochToronto, Canada More Info

Fan Expo Regina

2015Jeremy BullochRegina, SK, CanadaMore Info

Fanboy Expo

2013Jeremy BullochNashville, Tennessee, USA More Info

Fandom Fest

2011Jeremy BullochLouisville, KY, USA More Info

Farpoint 23

2016John MortonLutherville-Timonium, Maryland, USA More Info

Feel the Force Day

2015Jeremy BullochPeterborough, UK More Info

Festival Fantazie

2012Jeremy BullochChotebor, Czech Republic More Info

Film & Comic Con Belfast

2015Jeremy BullochBelfast, Northern Ireland, UK More Info

Film & Comic Con Birmingham / Collectormania 25

2018Jeremy BullochBirmingham, UKMore Info

Film & Comic Con Bournemouth

2016Daniel LoganBournemouth, England, UK More Info

Film & Comic Con Glasgow

2016Daniel LoganGlasgow, Scotland, UK More Info

First Central American Star Wars Convention (Yavin IV)

2002Jeremy BullochGuatemala City, Guatemala More Info

Folkestone Film TV & Comic Con 2018

2018Jeremy BullochFolkestone, England, UK More Info

Forest City Comicon

2017Dickey BeerLondon, Ontario, CanadaMore Info

Frank & Son Collectible Show

2015Daniel LoganCity of Industry, California, USA More Info

Fredrikstad Sci-Fi Festival

2017Jeremy BullochFredrikstad, Norway More Info


2019Dickey BeerLouisville, Kentucky, USAMore Info

GalaxyCon Raleigh

2019Daniel LoganRaleigh, North Carolina, USAMore Info

GalaxyCon Richmond

2019John MortonRichmond, Virginia, USAMore Info

Geek Con

2016Jeremy BullochBanbury, England, UK More Info

GEEKS Swind-Con

2016Jeremy BullochSwindon, UK More Info

Gen Con UK

1999Jeremy BullochLeicestershire, England, UK More Info

German Comic Con Berlin

2017Jeremy BullochBerlin, Germany More Info

German Comic Con Dortmund

2019Daniel LoganDortmund, GermanyMore Info

German Comic Con Frankfurt

2018Jeremy BullochFrankfurt, GermanyMore Info


2016Jeremy BullochHalifax, Nova Scotia, CanadaMore Info

Hamilton Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochHamilton, Ontario, CanadaMore Info

Harrogate Comic Con 2

2017Jeremy BullochNorth Yorkshire, England, UK More Info

Heart of Texas Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochWaco, Texas, USAMore Info

Heroes & Legends 111

2008Jeremy BullochSwansea, UK More Info

Heroes and Fantasies' Star Wars Comic Celebration

2015Daniel LoganSan Antonio, Texas, USAMore Info

Holly Hill Comicon

2019John MortonMebane, North Carolina, USA More Info


2001Jeremy BullochShreveport, Louisiana, USA More Info

Hoth Con 2016

2016Jeremy BullochHelsinki, FinlandMore Info

Hurricane Who: Category Two

2011Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info


1998Jeremy BullochSydney, Australia More Info

II Japan Weekend Madrid

2010Jeremy BullochMadrid, Spain More Info

Imperial Valley Comic Con

2020Dickey BeerEl Centro, California, USAMore Info

Indonesia Comic Con

2017Daniel LoganJakarta, IndonesiaMore Info


2016Dickey BeerAddison, Texas, USA More Info

International Collectors Fair

2009Jeremy BullochUtrecht, Netherlands More Info

Invasion Dublin

2011Jeremy BullochDublin, Ireland More Info

Jedi Expo

2017Daniel LoganMerida, MexicoMore Info

Jedicon El Salvador

2016Daniel LoganSanta Tecla, El Salvador More Info

Jedicon Sao Paulo

2009Jeremy BullochSao Paulo, BrazilMore Info


2015Jeremy BullochSeville, Spain More Info

Ken's Baseball Cards & Comics

2001Jeremy BullochLufkin, Texas, USA More Info

King Con Gala Theatre & Cinema Durham

2015Jeremy BullochDurham, UK More Info

Kiwanis Force Event

2009Jeremy BullochF-59960 Neuville-en-Ferrain, France More Info

Krypton Comics

2008Jeremy BullochOmaha, Nebraska, USA More Info

La Mole Comic Con Internacional

2013Daniel LoganMexico City, MexicoMore Info

Laval Comiccon

2019Daniel LoganLaval, Quebec, CanadaMore Info

Legends of the Force: A Celebration of Star Wars

2019 – 2020Costume/PropParis, FranceMore Info

Lexington Comic & Toy Con

2014John Morton430 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY 40507, USA More Info

Lexington Comic and Toy Con

2013Dickey BeerLexington, Kentucky, USA More Info

Lilac City Comicon

2018Daniel LoganSpokane, Washington, USA More Info


2015Daniel LoganLima, Peru More Info

Liverpool Comic Con

2018Jeremy BullochLiverpool, England, UKMore Info

London Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganLondon, Ontario, CanadaMore Info

Los Angeles Empire Con

2019Mark AustinLos Angeles, California, USAMore Info

Mad Monster Party

2016Jeremy BullochCharlotte, North Carolina, USAMore Info


2017Jeremy BullochAnnandale, Queensland, AustraliaMore Info

Manitoba Comic Con & Sci-Fi Expo

2008Jeremy BullochWinnipeg, MB, Canada More Info

Marvel's STAR WARS #1 Launch Party

2015John MortonAnnapolis, Maryland, USA More Info

Max Powers

2000Jeremy BullochFuji, Shizuoka, Japan More Info

May The 4th Party

2018Daniel LoganHappy Valley, OR, USA More Info

MCM Birmingham Comic Con

2017John MortonBirmingham, UK More Info

MCM Expo Telford

2013Jeremy BullochTelford, Shropshire, UK More Info

MCM London Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UKMore Info

Medway Comic & Screen Festival

2017Jeremy BullochGillingham, England, UK More Info

Mega Con Xela

2018Daniel LoganQuezaltenango, GuatemalaMore Info

Mega-Con Guatemala 2016

2016Daniel LoganGuatemala City, GuatemalaMore Info

Mersey Comic Con

2017Jeremy BullochLiverpool, England, UK More Info

Metropoli Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochAsturias, Spain More Info

Mexico City Convention

2001Jeremy BullochMexico City, Mexico More Info

Miami Comic Con

2011Daniel LoganMiami, Florida, USA More Info

Movie and Comic Days

2009Jeremy BullochBraunschweig, Germany More Info

Movie Days

2013Jeremy BullochDortmund, Germany More Info

Movie Mania Weekend

2008Jeremy BullochLeicester, UK More Info


2017Daniel LoganPasadena, CA, USAMore Info

NerdgaZms Vegas

2018Daniel LoganLas Vegas, Nevada, USAMore Info

New Orleans Comic Con

2011Daniel LoganNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA More Info

New York Comic Con

2013John MortonNew York City, New York, USA More Info

Newark Comic Con

2016Jeremy BullochNewark, England, UKMore Info

Newcastle Film & Comic Con

2015Jeremy BullochNewcastle upon Tyne, England, UK More Info

Nickel City Con

2018Jeremy BullochBuffalo, NY, USAMore Info


2016Jeremy BullochSkellefteċ, SwedenMore Info

Noris Force Con

2015Jeremy BullochNurnberg, GermanyMore Info

Northern Fan Con

2016Dickey BeerPrince George, British Columbia, Canada More Info

O Comic Con!

2018Daniel LoganCouncil Bluffs, Iowa, USAMore Info

Octopussy at 30

2013Jeremy BullochBuckinghamshire, England, UK More Info

Order 66 Toys

2018Dickey BeerAllen, TX, USAMore Info

Ottawa Comiccon

2012Jeremy BullochOttawa, CanadaMore Info

Ottawa Pop Expo

2015Daniel LoganOttawa, Ontario, Canada More Info

Paris Jouets Collection

2007Jeremy BullochParis, France More Info

Paris Manga

2009Jeremy BullochParis, France More Info

Pasadena Comic Con

2020Dickey BeerPasadena, California, USAMore Info

Pekin Marigold Festival 2013

2013Daniel LoganPeking, IL, USA More Info

Phantasmagoria Film Festival

2009Jeremy BullochSwindon, SN1 4BJ, UK More Info

Phoenix Comic Fest

2018Jeremy BullochPhoenix, Arizona, USAMore Info

Play Expo

2014Jeremy BullochManchester, England , UK More Info

Polcon 2009

2009Jeremy BullochLodz, Poland More Info

Quebec Comiccon

2014Jeremy BullochQuebec City, Quebec, Canada More Info

Really Cool Comic Con

2019Dickey BeerHowell, Michigan, USAMore Info

Red Sun Comics & Collectables

2010Jeremy BullochEssex, UK More Info

Reno Pop Culture Con

2019Daniel LoganReno, Nevada, USAMore Info

Return of the Jedi Screening and Q&A

2013Jeremy Bulloch7 Leicester Pl, London, UK More Info

Reunion 6

2007Jeremy BullochCoventry, England, UK More Info

Ring of Fire Con (ROFCON)

2016John MortonHampton, Virginia, USA More Info


2019John MortonLeesburg, Virginia, USA More Info

Robo Chris

2000Jeremy BullochKasugai, Shizuoka, Japan More Info


2017Jeremy BullochRochester, NY, USA More Info

Romics: Rome Comic & Games Convention

2009Jeremy BullochRome, Italy More Info

Roswell Filmfest & Cosmic Con

2013Daniel LoganRoswell, New Mexico, USA More Info

RPC (Role Play Convention)

2017Daniel LoganCologne, Germany More Info

Rubber Road Ltd

2015Jeremy BullochLondon, England, UK More Info

Salon Collexion

2010Jeremy BullochMacon, France More Info

Sci-Fi Collectors Event

2001Jeremy BullochBasildon, Essex, UK More Info

Sci-Fi Collectors Fair

2010Jeremy BullochEastleigh SO50 9NL, UK More Info

Sci-Fi Expo and Toy Show

1998Jeremy BullochHouston, Texas, USA More Info

Sci-Fi on the Rock

2008Jeremy BullochSt. John's, Newfoundland, Canada More Info

Sci-Fi Sea Cruise

2011Jeremy BullochOrlando, Florida, USA More Info


2001Jeremy BullochGrapevine, Texas, USA More Info

Sci-Fi Valley Con

2016John MortonAltoona, PA, USA More Info


2018Jeremy BullochRanders, Denmark, DenmarkMore Info

Science Fiction Event

2010Jeremy BullochBirmingham, UK More Info

SciFi By The Sea 3

2015Jeremy BullochHerne Bay, England, UK More Info

SciFiWorld Goteborg

2020Daniel LoganGothenburg, SwedenMore Info

Screaming Tiki

2008Jeremy BullochNiles, OH 44446, USA More Info


2013Jeremy BullochNorth Shields, Tyne and Wear, UK More Info

SF Ball

2008Jeremy BullochBournemouth, UK More Info


2015Jeremy BullochTurckheim, FranceMore Info

Shinobi Spirit

2017Daniel LoganCuritiba, PR, BrazilMore Info

Sittingbourne Mega Event

2012Jeremy BullochSittingbourne, England, UK More Info

Socorro Comic Con

2019Dickey BeerSocorro, New Mexico, USAMore Info

South Texas Comic Con

2018Daniel LoganMcAllen, Texas, USAMore Info

STAR TREK and Sci-Fi Celebration

2007Jeremy BullochSacramento, CA, USA More Info

Star Trek Show

2002Jeremy BullochLas Vegas, Nevada, USA More Info

Star War Store

2019Daniel LoganPortland, Oregon, USAMore Info

Star Wars #1 Launch Party

2015Jeremy BullochLondon, United Kingdom, UK More Info

Star Wars Celebration Japan

2008Jeremy BullochTokyo, JapanMore Info

Star Wars Comic Celebration

2015Daniel LoganSan Antonio, Texas, USA More Info

Star Wars Day

2014Jeremy BullochLincoln, UKMore Info

Star Wars Day at Victoria Gardens

2019Daniel LoganRancho Cucamonga, California, USAMore Info

Star Wars Fan Days III

2009Jeremy BullochPlano, Texas, USA More Info

Star Wars Invades Treasure Valley

2017Jeremy BullochOntario, Oregon, USA More Info

Star Wars Rival Run 10K | Han Solo and Boba Fett

2019Costume/PropFlorida, USAMore Info

Star Wars Spectacular

2015Jeremy BullochSurrey, UK More Info

Star Wars Villains

2007Jeremy BullochMoss (Bristol), UK More Info

Star Wars Weekend 5

2013Jeremy BullochTaastrup, Denmark More Info

Star-Con '15 - Star Wars Day

2015Jeremy BullochLincoln, England, UKMore Info

Starbase 24's 7th Starfleet/Klingon Banquet

2013Jeremy BullochThorpewood, Peterborough PE3 6SG, UK More Info

StarCon Toronto

1997Jeremy BullochToronto, Ontario, CanadaMore Info


2016Jeremy BullochMoscow, RussiaMore Info


1996Jeremy BullochDenver, Colorado, USA More Info

Stars of Time

2010Jeremy BullochSomerset, UK More Info


2013Jeremy BullochBellaria, Rimini, Italy More Info

Stoke CON Trent

2019John MortonStaffordshire, England, UKMore Info

SuperFan ComicCon

2014Jeremy BullochToronto, Ontario, Canada More Info

Swiss Fantasy Show

2012Jeremy BullochMorges, Switzerland More Info

Teesside Unleashed

2015Jeremy BullochMiddlesbrough, England, UKMore Info

TGS Toulouse Game Show

2013Jeremy BullochToulouse, France More Info

The Big Care Sign-up

2013Jeremy BullochLeicester, UK More Info

The Bondstars Christmas Party

2010Jeremy BullochPinewood Rd, Iver Heath, Bucks SL0 0NH, UK More Info

The Core Comics & Games

2013Jeremy BullochCedar Falls, Iowa, USAMore Info

The Dragon's Lair

2001Jeremy BullochLakeland, Florida, USA More Info

The Force Con

2019Dickey BeerJuarez, Mexico, MexicoMore Info

The Great Allentown Comic Con

2012Jeremy BullochAllentown, PA, USA More Info

The Hollywood Show

2012Jeremy BullochBurbank, CA, USA More Info

The Hooded Man II

2016Jeremy BullochChepstow, Wales, UK More Info

The Hudson Valley Sci-Fi and Collectibles Expo

2002Mark AustinSloatsburg, New York, USAMore Info

The Pittsburgh Comicon

2013Jeremy BullochMonroeville, PA, USA More Info

The Sci-Fi Experience

2009Jeremy BullochPort Talbot, South Wales, UK More Info

The STCE's Comic Con at TAMIU

2018John MortonLaredo, TX, USA More Info

The Wow Factor

2009Jeremy BullochDarlington, UK More Info

Time & Space - Moyse's Hall Sci-Fi Event

2013Jeremy BullochCornhill, Bury St. Edmunds, UK More Info

Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo

2015Dickey BeerGreen Bay, Wisconsin, USAMore Info

Toy Model & Collectors Fair

2009Jeremy BullochSouthampton, England, UK More Info

Toy Tardis

2009Jeremy BullochPlymouth, PL1 1QA, UK More Info

Trek Expo

2001Jeremy BullochTulsa, Oklahoma, USA More Info

Trilogy Celebration

1999Jeremy BullochPlano, Texas, USA More Info

Tulsa Pop Culture Expo

2019Daniel LoganTulsa, Oklahoma, USAMore Info

Unboxing Toy Con

2018Mark AustinMexico City, MexicoMore Info

VA Comicon

2019John MortonRichmond, Virginia, USAMore Info

Walsall Comic-Con

2017Jeremy BullochWalsall, England, UK More Info

Washington State Summer Con

2019Temuera MorrisonPuyallup, Washington, USAMore Info

Who Wars

2009Jeremy BullochNewcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8BS, UK More Info

Wigan Comic-Con

2014Jeremy BullochWigan, Greater Manchester, England, UKMore Info

Windsor ComiCon

2018Dickey BeerWindsor, Ontario, CanadaMore Info


2013Daniel LoganAnaheim, California, USA More Info

Worcester Comic Con

2016Jeremy BullochWorcester, England, UK More Info

Wycombe Comic Con 2016

2016Jeremy BullochHigh Wycombe, England, UKMore Info

XCON World

2014Daniel LoganMyrtle Beach, SC, USA More Info

xogold charity autograph event

2018Mark AustinUtrecht, NetherlandsMore Info

Yellow City Comic Con

2018John MortonAmarillo, Texas, USAMore Info

Zobie Productions Private Signing

2018John MortonDallas, TX, USA More Info