"Pre-Pro #3" Boba Fett

"Pre-Pro #3" (PP3) Boba Fett (Mid 1978)

New helmet and armor, but some repurposed parts from Pre-Pro #1. The PP3 helmet was scanned when making the Master Replicas collectible helmet.


Upper Body

    Chest and Back Armor

     Front right armor plate is a different green than the front left side
     Like PP1, back armor is mostly free of scratches


     Uses the Pre-Pro #1: right gauntlet is red and left gauntlet is yellow (ala "ketchup and mustard" gauntlets)


     Unlike PP1 and PP2, right "ear" of the helmet is almost a peach color and not the same as the left "ear"
     Similar helmet to "Empire," but not the same


     Uses the Pre-Pro #1 (teal, yellow, red and white)

    Shoulder Armor

     Right shoulder armor is more brown than PP2
     Left shoulder armor is similar to PP2


    Pre-Pro 3 Shoulder Symbol (Fan Made by RafalFett, But...
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    More like "Return of the Jedi" but with minor differences
    Pre-Pro 3 Chest Symbol (Fan Made by RafalFett, But...
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    Different chest symbol

    Wookiee Scalps

     One silver/grey, two blonde, and one dark brown/black looped braid (same as ESB hero)

Boba Fett

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