Humor: What's the Caption?

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We know you can come up with something better: “OK, Mr. Lucas, I want you to stand over there for your cameo in Episode III.”

NEW! Caption?

We’ll try and update this feature OFTEN.

Comment below only if you have ideas for images, too, but save your actual captions for the form on the other page.

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  1. That_Mandalorian says:

    And so Jango snuck up behind Lucas for a little game of laser tag!

  2. Monke boy says:

    “I know what you’re thinking did he fire six shots or only five?”

  3. MiiloCold says:

    “Rewrite that ending, chum…”

  4. Jon says:

    “My stunt double at all the chocolate bisuits,I’m gonna blast him!”

  5. Beth says:

    WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!! i’ll get that fly this time!! I’m sure of it!!!

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