The Real Mandalorians: Republic Commando

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The latest LucasArts game, Republic Commando, could just as well be called Mandalorian Commando. Right?

Republic Commando, coming this Fall 2004 to XBOX and PC, is actually about the new clone troopers, a sort of amalgam of Episode II‘s Jango Fett and the Classic stormtroopers.

The press release fails to mention the keyword “Mandalorian,” since it appears to have become obselete in Lucas’ realm and only prevalent in comic books, but the visual similiarity depends on imagination.

The official site also features a Quicktime trailer for the game, along with concept art and screenshots.

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  1. Mandalorian Shocktrooper says:

    The fact that Lucas would consider the word “Mandalorian” obsolete is the most digusting thing I have ever heard. The comic books did an “okay” job of the mop-up between Jaster Mereel being Boba Fett and actually being Jango’s father.

    In both stories, Jaster Mereel is awesome in every respect.

  2. Ryan Rankine says:

    No I don’t think it should be called Mandolorian Commander, they are Republic Storm Troopers or clone troopers, much like the ones in Clone Wars, with some cooler gear and all. Now it would be cool if they made a Mandolorian Commander, but I doubt that will be seen.

  3. Jamari Lawson says:

    I agree with the notion of the word Mandalorian being referred to as obselete. I do however respect that Lucas actually included another Fett into the new trilogy; furthermore, i respect the fact that despite Jango Fett being a not-so important character in the movies, they still gave him a fight scene.

    Either way, I dont think Mandalorian Commando is sufficient for the game. They are trained by Jango but still there is the feeling of the Mandalorians living through the Clonetroopers which is cool. And you have to realize they are after all soldiers for the Republic.

  4. Andy says:

    Lucas is saying the word Mandalorian is obsolete simply because there are so few elite Mandalorian warriors left, especially after the death of Jango. My feeling is that with the death of Jango the last of the true Mandalorian pride was extinguished from the Galaxy.

  5. mandy lore says:

    why don’t they just name it after what it is? you are a clone trooper commando so why don’t they name it that? Clone trooper commando… or republic commando or somthing like that. So what they are clones ofa guy who was a mandalorian if they are a Mandalorian they are a mandalorian if they are a clone trooper they are a clone trooper. It really doesn’t matter who they were cloned after. THE WORD MANDALORIAN IS NOT OBSELETE IT WILL NEVER BE NOT WHEN IT STRIKES FEAR INTO ALL WHO HEAR IT! Boba Fett is a mandalorian and i saw in a comic he restarted the mandalorians. It was just a comic but i’m willing to grasp on to whatever hope i can. Further more i believe that Boba IS Jaster Merrell.

  6. Jamari Lawson says:

    I see what you mean but im gonna have to disagree. Boba Fett is the one who is supposed to uphold the legacy of Jaster, Jango said so in Open Seasons. With that in mind, Im sure Jango instilled Mandalorian teachings on little Boba. In the Star Wars Tales that came out that was dedicated to Boba, the last issue is about how Boba brings back the Mandalorians. I see what you mean though Andy, and Boba’s Mandalorian traits have never been mentioned because authors, before the prequels, knew so few about the mandalorians. It would have probably been unwise for them to really tamper with that.

  7. Ramadas says:

    I think jamari’s right. so many books have been written after the return of the jedi. if you have read at least one book about fett, itllprobably say he came outof the sarlac pit alive.

  8. pee-wee says:

    Boba is not the last mandolorian. Mandolorian radiors are still out there AND mandolorians may be hired to fight in the clonewars.

  9. Craza says:

    He was a elite soldier of the mandalores defens.
    After the war there was just three of 212 mandalorian soldiers who survived.
    The leader and the most feard of them Boba fett went away and became a bounty hunter and the two others went home but their home had been destroyd by the empire and they had forced the people to work in the mines as slaves, so they started a group of people who fighted for the right of the mandalores.

  10. Striker says:

    Someone know anything about the two mandalorian warriors which are friends from boba fett? Their names: Fenn Shysa and Tobi Dala
    The story about that 3 guys plays after the clone war or? Also the guy named as Jodo Kast. He is also an mandalorian or?

  11. Mandalorian Shocktrooper says:

    I don’t know too much about Fenn and Tobi. But I do know that Jodo Kast is not a Mandalorian, he just somehow found the armor and saw it as an opportunity to furhter his career as a bounty hunter by copying Boba Fett.

  12. Andy says:

    Craza what are you talking about? Play the game Bounty Hunter or watch Episode II, as those were both DIRECTLY overseen by Lucas they are the correct source. JANGO Fett NOT BOBA was one of the Mandelorians that survived the battle. Boba is a clone of Jango. Christ you’d think these people would pay some attention.

  13. Darth Garuda says:

    No, they are not Mandalorians so they couldn’t call the game Mandalorian Commandos.

    The wear armor based on Mandalorian armour but not as strong, they were cloned from an adopted warrior but not trained by him.

  14. aj says:

    Well i am not going to say i know much about the mandalorians or even pretend to. however i am a huge fan of boba fett and i think that they should leave the title as is and if they get enough feedback they should make another game that is in fact about real mandalorians not some mandalorian look-alikes

  15. Steve "sammo21" Simmons says:

    Yeah, the Madalorians are more on the backburner of everything Lucas. Since the Star Wars books, comics, and so forth are better than the prequels anyway, I tend to not even consider anything in the prequels, lol. I hate them so much. No, Republican Commando has nothing to do with the Madalorians other than they are more than likely, just as clone troopers, clones of Jango Fett. I do think that Boba Fett probably becomes a Mandalorian, in my opinion. But to be honest, the front face design of Fett’s helmet isn’t unique. Look at the Emporers guards, clones troopers, etc. Just a cool, and smart design (protects eyes w/ good sight, etc

  16. Mandalorian Shocktrooper says:

    I wonder what Aaron thinks about 20 comments related to this subject? Sounds like we should take it to the forums.

  17. Boba Fett says:

    Boba is a mandalorian he trains mandalorians in the yuuhzong vong war and leads then into battle which possibly makes him the leader of the mandalorians and after the war boba disapears and becomes a jedi my case is rested

  18. Andy says:

    Could someone fill me in on these Yuuhzong Vong wars? I’m clueless as to what they are, probably because I haven’t read a Star Wars novel in ages.

  19. Boba Fett says:

    Mandy Lore Jaster mereel would have died from old age by the time Boba grew up I read way to much on boba fett and hi adventures and Jangos lil “seasons comic books”
    Boba fett starts up some mandalorians and leads them into battle while the lazy peple “Han leia luke” stand there and go “Is that Boba Fett” and Plus Jango’s armor is Boba’s it would have rusted to a scrap plus in “A new threat” Yaggabah and Gabor’ah make mandalorian armor for Boba which he uses and Truth uinkown where boba really got his armor

  20. peter says:

    you idiot. jango fett wasn’t even supose to be a mandalorian. Boba was supose to take it up on his own. Besides the mandalorians were a race of humans that existed befor any of the movies were made. Thats why Boba Fett is such a hard ass, he’s kicking ass in armor that people have only seen in museums, they were a dead race for quite some time. George lucus just fucked everything up, he’s an idiot and totaly screwed up the story line of fett. just read the bounty hunter wars some time jack ass.

  21. Alex says:

    Isn’t boba fett actually Jango Fett? Cause in episode 2, Jango talks about making himself a clone that would grow at a normal right like a normal human being.

  22. tony busuttil says:

    draft game

  23. Darth Fett says:

    Jango was a mandalorian. He and his mentor Jaster Meerel were the last of the mandalorians. Boba is a unaltered clone of Jango, so Boba is also a mandalorian(but not real).

  24. Cassus Dijon says:

    Boba Fett is awsome sweetness!! It would be awsome if he fought a Noghri or yebetha or maybe even a Yu zon vong! The yuzon vong would win of couse.

  25. luke nyugen says:

    Is anybody out there? Let’s start a conversation or something.

  26. luke nuygen says:

    George LUCAS did not fuck everthing up you IDIOT if you knew anything about BOBA FETT
    you wouldn’t be complaning.

    the story of fett is awesome

  27. luke nuygen says:

    hey andy, read the novel series The New Jedi Order. That’ll teach you something about the yuhzon vong. It’s about the new republic and everything is pretty crappy government wise
    the jedi are getting killed a lot because of the yuhzon vong.

  28. Strix says:

    Hiya ppl! I would like to know if someone of u know of the so called Mandalorian War Prey? If u do please respond here or even better, mail me!

    //Take care – Strix

  29. Mandalorian Way says:

    To correct Darth Fetts comment on Jaster Mareel and Jango,Jaster Mareel was not one
    of the last mandalorians to live he was abandoned in battle by Montross,a mandlorian,and was destroyed by the Death Watch an evil cult who were ex-mandalorians who sought outto destroy the mandalorians

  30. Daniel says:

    The Clones themselves are highly trained to fight and keep fighting at any cost. Jango’s true legacy (aside from Boba) is the ARC Troopers who happen to be my favorite characters. Boba’s the smartest person in the galaxy no doubt but as for fightting he uses his brain rather then brawn. When it comes to fighting he either sneaks around and hits you when you least expect it and not looking or if he fights you straight on he usually finds something in the area to use to his advantage. Smart yes exellent fighter no. The ARC Troopers though are both smart and can fight. They are Advanced Recon Clone Troopers. I know of only 4 of them who were personally taken and trained by Jango their whole life. They ONLY take orders form him and no one elese. I espesually like their turquse color of armor and cape like tasal. During the clone wars one locks himself in one of the cloning chambers and sets it to explode rather let the clones fall into the Seperatist hands via Jango’s orders. Which brings me to another contraversy but that is for another discution.

  31. Bruno Ali says:

    OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! YEAH

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