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The press release is out: the actor behind Jango Fett will host a New Zealand television show.

Will this mean Fett referrences galore for down under fans? Let’s speculate.

NewstalkZB Press Release:

Acclaimed New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison is to host his own television show on Prime.

“The Tem Show” will offer humour, music and Hollywood interviews, and will promote up-and-coming kiwi talent.

Tem Morrison starred in the Lee Tamahori drama “Once Were Warriors”, and has appeared in Hollywood blockbusters such as the Star Wars series and Speed 2.

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  1. swfreak says:

    Go Temuera!

  2. Michael says:

    Why I don’t live in New Zealand? ;)

  3. Infamous says:

    They had the world’s tiniest photo of Morrison and Bodie on the filmimg of EP III,this must have been before Tem busted his leg on the motorcycle,in the SW Insider.

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